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Dubene (Dabene) Early Bronze  Gold Objects in the world-wide media
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Dubene and Troy

Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 29 August 2005.


Los Angeles Times, Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer: Treasure of Ancient Gold Discovered in Bulgaria, 22 August, 2005, Thomas H. Maugh II:
Bronze Age graves in Bulgaria yield gold pieces linked to Troy
Thomas H. Maugh II: (.pdf text)
Thomas H. Maugh II: Bronze Age graves in Bulgaria yield gold pieces linked to Troy, at

I large part of gold objects similar to Dubene finds were donated to the National Museum oF history in 1992
(Internview with Dr. Zdravko Tsintsov) (.pdf text from the website)

Kremena Miteva, Routers, August 18, 2005
"We can conclude that around 5,000 years ago, the center of an until now unknown civilization was here and it exported processed gold in central Europe, the Balkan peninsula and Anatolia on a massive scale," he told Reuters Thursday. Similar gold pieces had been found in other countries and they were assumed to have come from ancient Troy, but it now appeared the production center was in Bulgaria, he added.
Comment: We don't know who produced the gold objects from Dubene for the time being. In the third millennium in Anatolia flourished goldsmith industry and it was exported even to Assyria. In the Balkans we have for the time being finds from several sites such as:
Dubene-cemetery EB II-III (the third millennium cal BCE)
Yunatsite (one piece of adornment)
Northeat Thrace (mostly unpublished from tumuli graves)
Lovech grave, EB II (diadem and adornments), electron.
Goran-Slatina (adornments)
Turnava (adornments)
Rupite, etc.
Most of the adornments come from tumuli graves related to the Pit Grave Culture who were nomads and had mobile subsistence economy. For the time being, we believe that they exchange their stock for jewellery.
In the case of Dubene, we have evidence for bronze metallurgy.
Two important moments for our present and future research should be noticed: electron relate the diadem from Lovech to Anatolia. The lead bronze of Dubene-village also relate the bronze metallurgy to Anatolia.
It seems like the gold objects in the Balkans came from Anatolia. The local hypothesis cannot be excluded but needs to be improved by chemical and resource analysis.

Nevyana Hadjiyska: Bulgarians Find Gold Treasure to Match Troy.
Similar to identical to the above link. See the comments above. (from THE GUARDIAN , ATHENS Friday, Aug 19, 2005,Page 6) 2005/08/18/1123958181955.html?from=moreStories story/0,3604,1551241,00.html 2005/08/18/news/nation/12409699.htm 19/sections/nation_world/world/article_640621.php html?id=6632ba63-2ec9-4f83-938e-32857505c2db ap_on_sc/bulgaria_golden_treasure jsp?sectionid=1268&storyid=3631862 world/story/D51BDD587B090D5C86257061000DC971?OpenDocument mensch/0,1518,370305,00.html,5538,10882,00.html - forum/index.php?showtopic=48764 world/archives/2005/08/19/2003268334 news/detailview.php?ID=36784 discoveries/2005-08-17-bulgarian-treasure_x.htm type=article&id=20050817152309990009 articles/2005/8/17/211429.shtml ny-hsrail194389023aug19,0,3128434.story?coll=ny-health-headlines act/Print/client/printer/f/8/t/1970 Bulgarische_Archaeologen_bergen_Goldschatz_aus_Thraker-Zeit/ p050817172805.eq6fp0hc_0_visu2.html 20050818/news_1n18world.html story_page/0,5478,16300880%255E1702,00.html 05/08/18/100wir_bulgaria001.cfm rogueclassicism/Archives/2005_08.html mercurynews/news/world/12412905.htm news/newsbrief.plx?category=science Antiker-Goldschatz-in-Bulgarien-geborgen.html php?goto=newpost&t=14151

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