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Statuette of a mountain goat Afghanistan, Tillia tepe, tomb IV
1st century. Gold. 5.2 x 4.0 cm. Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.399. The Baktrian gold.


Vulchitrun Gold Treasure. Late Bronze Age. Northwest Bulgaria
Thirteen gold vessels, total weight 12.425 kg. Some of them are decorated with geometric patterns.

Kazichene. A gold bowl. Early Iron Age. Early 1st millennium cal BCE.

Shipka Gold Mask. Assigned to archaeological excavation of G. Kitov.

Topolchane Gold Mask. Assigned to archaeological excavation, but in very strange anthropological context (just by arrival of Discovery
team to document the excavation of G Kitov).

Panagyurishte Gold treasure.
and depiction of nude Negroes. National Museum of History, Sofia.
and depiction of nude Negroes. National Museum of History, Sofia.

Rogozen silver treasure.
Late 5th century BC to the first 40 years of the 4th century BC. 165 silver vessels, total weight 20 kg; 31 of the vessels are gilted.
The largest Thracian treasure found incidentally.

Bukyovtsi silver treasure.
Late 6th-early 5th century BC.
Silver vessels, an exquisite silver jewel and silver horse bridle ornaments. Ten objects preserved.

Vratsa gold and silver tumuli finds
Mid-4th century BC.

Galiche silver treasure
3rd century BC.


Thracian treasures

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