Teacher's research project authored by  Lolita Nikolova, PhD
Cultural Anthropology class at Art Institute of Salt Lake City (Generals). Spring 2009.
Pirates and Anthropology of place:
The Art of Kory Gardner (Sunday)
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© 2009-2011 Lolita Nikolova, PhD
Created: 5-12-11. Updated: 4-27-09
As a part of this project is the finding on Sunday, 26th April, when I visited the Nostalgia Café in Salt Lake Downtown. It was like a library there - at all tables
Salt Lakians of different ages with books or books and laptops had been enjoying the nice atmosphere and reading something. The wall was full with
colorful pictures - art works of Kory Gardner.  I learned from his short Bio that he lived in Germany, and from his pictures - that he loves pirates. I was so
excited when began looking at the pictures and at once I saw some of the attributes of pirates on one of them: "My pirates. Kory likes pirates!" In fact, there
were several pictures recalling the original pirates. All art works were very color-balanced and thoughtful. I took pictures of most of them and the phone of
Kory to call him and to ask why he likes the topic of pirates. Both Nostalgia and the exhibit of Kory were nominated for
cultural events of Salt Lake.
The art exhibit of Kory made a new layer of my pirate project -  art and pirates but also the art of pirates and the anthropology of place where we
communicate with this art. It looks to me Nostalgia was the right place of Kory's art - more than 2 hours nobody bothered me to have asked me to order
more than I had (a coffee) or to have asked me to leave if I don't consume more. It looks more like cultural house than Café on Sundays -for communication,
reading and enjoyment.

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Art exhibit of Kory Gardner at Nostalgia Cafe in Salt Lake City, Downtown
Teacher's Research Project.
Cultural anthropology. Spring 2009.
Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Nostalgia Café, Salt Lake Downtown. Sunday, April 26th. Abt 11:00 AM.
The Café was full with people of different ages who had enjoying the nice
atmosphere, the art of Kory Gardner and reading or being on Internet.