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The entourage of Vassil Bozhkov, aka the Skull, the boss of the Bulgarian gambling, in the
Brussels Euro Parliament. A very serious message to the world what some people have
been going in Bulgaria and in the Euro Parliament! The event became possible because
of the host, ALDE, and unwilling of Graham Watson to listen to the public opinion and to
stop the exhibit. There is a rule in the Euro Parliament that each political group can
organize such events. Luckily, Bulgaria has been already represented in Brussels in
December 2006 by the excellent artist
Stavri Kalinov. However, who will answer what was
the commission of Graham Watson  - possibly enough for him to take the risk to invite a
private collector whose money comes from gambling (known as the richest Bulgarian)?!

The event failed even a day before the opening of the funny titled  "The Grandeur of
Bulgaria" (possibly following the model "the grandeur of Rome"), since it became clear
that the Minister of Culture of Bulgaria would not open this shame of European Parliament.
Who are ALDE? Please send us references of these actors of the biggest scandal in the
Bulgarian cultural history since the Freedom (1878) (Watson scandal).

Commentaries in the Bulgarian media and message boards - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8,

Some of the names from the Watson scandal:

Antonia Purvanova, the Bulgarian side of the Euro-Parliament host
Graham Watson - the leader of ALDE. Please if you have any information about corruption
this guy had been involved in, let us know. We will be not surprised. We have been still
waiting for a response of our letter to him.
Svetlin Roussev, "Professor" - artist,a  Professor at the Art Academy in Sofia.
Ivan Marazov, "Professor" - a specialist in Thracian art (can you believe it?).

Should we forget, forgive or just laugh on the "The Grandeur of Bulgaria"? It looks rather
serious to forget, too painful for the Bulgarian national culture to forgive and too motivated
and long-termed planned action on the European scene to laugh.


Long-term and well-planned goal to capture the Euro Parliament just after the 1st of
January 2007, to look like the entourage of Vassil Bozhkov represents Bulgaria.

Typical for Bozhidar Dimitrov tactics - misleading the people (it looks in Brussels like the
private collection of Bozhkov is a representative of Bulgarian culture, since it is the name of
the National Museum of History on the Invitation and of Thracian Fund instead of his).
Together with Vassil Nikolov, Bozhidar Dimitrov is  involved in the Dubene-Balinov Gorun
Affair. Now this affair looks more clear, but we still do not know the name of the Sofia
collector who has some of the Balinov Gorun finds - is it Vassil Bozhkov?

The reaction in Bulgaria: see Standart (Jan 9, 2007, Internet), Mediapool [good reading!].
Comment: Nikolaj Ovcharov follows the ideology of the "it is good because otherwise ..." in
Standart,  trying to scare the Bulgarians that if there are no private collections, our
archaeological heritage will be exported abroad. As a matter of fact, it is hard to believe
that the antiques could be transferred through the political borders if there is no somebody
who will give a bribe for this. So, again in the focus are the private collectors connected
obviously with the treasure-hunters and most probably with reselling antiques. A good
argument is the fact that a few days before the exhibit in Brussels there was a widely
distributed information in the Bulgarian media about  caught treasure-hunter finds
attempted to reach the USA.

From the archive of our website:

"The Grandeur of Bulgaria" - the biggest scandal in Bulgarian culture since the Freedom. But the
beginning can be seen well in the
Balinov gorun affair (2004--). Last appeal sent on Jan 10 to learn the
truth about Balinov gorun (.pdf). Velina Hristova (Duma) and Pavlina Zhivkova (Monitor), the journalists
closely related to the recognized mafia by the Bulgarian media, published nothing about the Brussels
scandal, while they were so active during the summer and especially about the suspicious excavations
at Balinov gorun. This just confirms that their articles and falsifications in Duma and Monitor were
ordered to cover the truth and the real biography of essential  Bulgarian archaeological discoveries.    

Finds from the Vassil Bozhkov's collection displayed for four days in the European Parliament (9-12 Jan
2007). A really existed mafia has been discussing in the Bulgarian newspaper connected with the
national archaeological heritage of the country. The visitor of our website have been already traced it in
the Balinov gorun affair. WE still cannot read anything on Internet published by Monitor and Duma - two
of the newspapers closely related to the heroes of the WATSON scandal that covered the truth about the
Balinov gorun by misleading articles, slanders and/or falsifications of the data.

Articles in Bulgarian about the Brussels "event":
Novinar, Standart, Mediapool,  Standart (10Jan2007),   Lolita Nikolova

Who is Vassil Bozhkov -
1, 2,  
.. ". Васил Божков не произвежда нищо, а експлоатира човешките страсти и жадния стремеж на
почти всеки българин към бързо забогатяване." (
Про и анти)
"И още нещо – неколцина академици, професори, доктори и др. хабилитирани фигури, всяка от
които в различно време се е забърквала в някакво неясно дело, съставляват в момента УС на
фондация “Тракия”. Създава се впечатлението, че около парите на г-н Божков подобно на оси
около гнил плод се струпват одиозни фигури ...." (
Про и анти)
A letter to Vassil Bozhkov by Dr Lolita Nikolova
A letter to Hudson Watson (in English) submitted on 7 Jan 2006 by Dr Diana Gergova and Dr Lolita
Jan 8: Talks on the phone to Bulgaria show the people are shocked and absolutely disagree with this
Jan 8: The office of Hudson Watson and even the Bulgarians from the Brussels Bulgarian Mission were
mislead for this exhibit. The names of the Thrace Fund and of the National Museum of History are on
the invitation.
However, the Ms Désirée Oen, the head of the Watson office promised that H. Watson will investigate the
case. Antonia Purvanova is mentioned as the organizer on-site of the biggest scandal. Other sources are
sure, Hudson very well knew what this exhibit consists of. Who is Graham Hudson in the Euro Parliament?
references are welcome. We, the Bulgarians, want to know more about this guy, a main actor in the
biggest scandal in the Bulgarian cultural History since the Freedom (1878). One can think about good
commissions but how to prove if they were under the table.
Jan 8: On the phone Antonia Purvavova told that it "was a vice to refer to a person when it comes to a
historical treasure". However, why if the collection of Bozhkov was really a historical treasure, the
organizers mislead Brussels with the invitations on which was written Thracian Fund and National
Museum of History (see also our letter to Hundson). Purvanova is known as one of the richest Bulgarians.
Jan 8: In the Brussels Parliament had been seen the entourage of Bozhkov, including the famous from
the socialistic period artist Svetlin Roussev. It looks like this exhibit is in fact a celebration of a
something won in Bulgaria. However, the victory looks illusive despite obviously a very long and very
careful preparation including the use of abundant factographic info to try to shape a sort of scientific
value of this private collection  by scholars with scientific titles (see Marazov, 5  Jan 2007 uses
Europe to mislead through Thrace Fund). However, we learned that some Bulgarian members in the
Euro Parliament received invitations just in the last moment, and other even do not have such.  It looks
like that many or most of them will not go tomorrow to open the scandal exhibit and hopefully the
journalists will ask them why.
"Problem": the funny and provoking title could be also symbolic. It the title there is no words like
treasures, antiques and etc. Does this "The Grandeur of Bulgaria" refer to the finds or the organizers want
to make an allusion with themselves? The latter is most likely when you have in mind the handle items
from destroyed archaeological sites which origin we do not know that constitute the exhibit. We will be
not surprised if this exhibit in years will be mentioned as a celebration of a sort of political dominance
through some ruling members of the Governments or working behind the curtain. How can you explain
otherwise that the event was scheduled exactly in the European Parliament less than 10 days after
Bulgaria was accepted to become a member of the European Union. However, the scenario looks that
missed one element which is the most important - THE BULGARIAN POPULATION. So,
Jan 8: In Brussels some have been already celebrating but Bulgarians all over the world have protested
through calls, e-mails, letters of protest, radio and TV. Bulgarians and their friends, the whole world
cannot be put on their knees by the corruption and anti-culture: Ms Purvanova: The world wants to know
at least the source of the money of Bozhkov for these antiques! And know - gambling. Your exhibit
cannot represent the Bulgarian nation and culture at all since it has nothing to do with the Bulgarian
nation and national culture. And we know that you have already learned the celebration has already has
a bitter taste: repeatedly Ministry of culture is not coming tomorrow despite his name is on your invitation
as the open who will officially open this shame of the European culture. And I believe that now you
have many reasons to hand up the phone - this is not what you had expected. But it looks like you do not
live in the real world of the European Union.
Jan 8 (12:31 PM): We have also learned about Professor Ivan Marazov being in Brussels for the event.
This confirms that some obviously not-in-our time Bulgarians had imagined that can represent our nation
in the Euro Parliament as members of the entourage of Vassil Bozhkov (we can imagine how he opened
the door of the Euro Parliament just reminding that he is the richest Bulgarian) (Mr Watson,  you again
probably  do not know anything!). Some may just recognize elements of cultural deficit and absence of
national dignity. We may need to name the Brussels anti-grandeur of Bulgaria

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Isn't it beautiful? According to the
Bulgarian national traditions, such
ancient finds have only one place
=- the state museums, and only one
owner - the nation.
Finds from the private
collection of Vassil Bozhkov
which has been
investigated in Bulgaria,
but was invited in the Euro
Parliament by Graham

"The Grandeur of Bulgaria"