Distant courses on archaeology
Geography of World Culture
From Heinrich Schliemann to Indiana Jones: Archaeology
as a Phenomenon of Popular Culture. - 7.5 higher
education credits. Study period: September/October 2009

Course director:
Cornelius Holtorf, University of
Kalmar, Sweden

This course explores the romance of archaeology in popular culture and is for everybody
fascinated by archaeology. We start with a historical perspective discussing the popular
meanings of archaeology and the phenomenon of celebrity archaeologists since the 19th
century. Subsequently, students engage with several case-studies illustrating the way
archaeology is portrayed in contemporary film, the media, fiction and non-fiction literature, art
and advertising. In the final part of the course students learn assessing to what extent
stereotypical portrayals of archaeology in popular culture are harmful or beneficial to both
society and archaeology itself. [Technical requirements: Max 3 year old Windows or Macintosh
computer. Broadband connection must operate at 0.5 Mbit/s or more but recommended are at
least 2 Mbit/s. Web camera and headset with inbuilt microphone are required too.]

The Portrayal of Archaeology in Contemporary Popular Culture by Cornelius Holtorf

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Rock Art in Northern Europe - an Introduction. Course director: Joakim Goldhahn
Recommended by the International Institute of Anthropology to students and
all interested in archaeology
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