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Theory and Eurasian Prehistory

Handbook of Archaeological Theories (Jan 2008). Edited by  R. Alexander Bentley, Herbert D. G. Maschner and Christopher

Common Prehistory

The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe by Barry Cunliffe (Hardcover - May 12, 1994)

Encyclopedia of Prehistory - Volume 4: Europe (Encyclopedia of Prehistory) by Peter N. Peregrine and Melvin Ember

A History of Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia, vol. 1, Inner Eurasia from Prehistory to the Mongol Empire.(Brief Article) (book
reviews): An article from: Canadian Journal of History by Gary Alan Hanson (Digital - Jul 28, 2005) - HTML

A Prehistory of the North: Human Settlement of the Higher Latitudes by John F. Hoffecker (Paperback - Nov 25, 2004)

European Prehistory: A Survey (Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology), ed. by Sarunas Milisauskas (Paperback - Jun 1,

History of Humanity: Prehistory and the Beginnings of Civilization (Routledge History of Humanity) by Unesco (Library Binding -
Jul 27, 1994) (
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Impact of the Environment on Human Migration in Eurasia: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in
St. Petersburg, 15-18 November 2003 ... IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences) by E. M. Scott, Andrey Yu. Alekseev, and Ganna
Zaitseva (Hardcover - Nov 3, 2004) (
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Upper Pleistocene Prehistory of Western Eurasia (University Museum Monograph) by Harold L. Dibble and Anta Montet-White
(Hardcover - Jun 1988)

The Paleolithic Prehistory of the Zagros-Taurus (University Museum Monograph) by Deborah I. Olszewski and Harold L. Dibble
(Hardcover - Mar 1993)

Transitions Before the Transition: Evolution and Stability in the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age (Interdisciplinary
Contributions to Archaeology) by Erella Hovers and Steven Kuhn (Hardcover - Nov 17, 2005)

Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia (Archeological Papers of the American
Anthropological Association) by Gail Larsen Peterkin, Harvey M. Bricker, and Paul Mellars (Paperback - Dec 1993)

Bronze Age

The Making of Bronze Age Eurasia (Cambridge World Archaeology) by Philip L. Kohl (Hardcover - Jan 22, 2007)

The Urals and Western Siberia in the Bronze and Iron Ages (Cambridge World Archaeology) by Ludmila Koryakova and Andrej
Epimakhov (Hardcover - Jan 8, 2007)

Pastoralist Landscapes and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia (Hardcover) by Michael David Frachetti (Author)

Regional studies

Balkan prehistory

Balkan Prehistory (kindle edition) by Douglass Bailey. Publisher: Taylor & Francis; 1 edition (March 16, 2007)

Prehistoric Figurines (Kindle Edition) by Douglass Bailey. Publisher: Taylor & Francis; 1 edition (April 16, 2007)