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delete texts in cases in which our evaluation and activities have a positive result.

The public should be educated about the dangers of corruption and how affects development
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Bulgarian Science Problems at Yahoo Community Forum
The Moderator, Professor Lazar Lazarov, insists in an e-mail that it is his own Forum and not a  community. Yahoo is a global community
network and using the forums for publishing selective messages only is a corruption.

Hot days for Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
The moving of the Common Meeting of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences a month earlier (11th Feb 2008) and the candidate Academic
Yukhnovski who is over 70 resulted in a media and public interest. In some cases newspapers like Monitor reacted in the most corrupted
way with statements beyond any ethical norms (e.g. Monday, 11th Feb 2008, an article by Professor Michail Konstantinov).
Journalists like Veliana Hristova on her side, decided that the critics of the recent social practices of BAS reflect on its prestige. See our
comment in Bulgarian at
Among the corrupted activities should be accounted unfortunately, the Bulgarian Science Problems' Moderator Professor Lazar Lazarov
who has not allowed a free discussion on the problems but published only opinions against the present President Acad. Yukhnovski.
One of the unapproved messages

The fake job offer fraud.
External link with list of the jobs
E-mail received on Jan 30th, 2008
From Cheap Fabrics
Thames Court, 1 Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire. SL4 1YB, United Kingdom Tel:+447024082416 Fax:+447005807162                     
 URGENT PART-TIME JOB OPPORTUNITY   My name is Bertsil Woods a texan working in Berkshire, I want to know  if You would like to work online from home
and get paid without  affecting your present job? Actually i need a representative who can be  working for our company as online book-keeper.    We make lots
of supplies to some of our clients in the USA/CANADA for  which i do come to USA/CANADA to recieve payment and have it cashed  after i supply them raw
materials. Its always too expensive and stressful  for me to come down and recieve such payment twice in a month so i  therefore decided to contact you. I am
willing to pay you 10% for every  payment recieved by you from our customers who makes payment through  you.  Pls note you dont have to be a book keeper
to apply for the job.   Kindly get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested in this job offer with your:    FIRST NAME: .................... LAST NAME:
....................... ADDRESS: ....................... CITY: ................ STATE: ........................... ZIP CODE:........................ COUNTRY:.......................... MOBILE PHONE
NUMBER(S)........... GENDER: ....................... AGE: ..................... MARITAL STATUS: .................  BANK NAME:..........................   PLEASE SEND YOUR
REPLY ASAP    ATTESTATION According to how you have been briefed earlier by a qualified  representative of this establishment. You are required and
mandated to receive  payment on behalf of the above mentioned firm. You are to deduct 10% of  all funds processed on a particular order and forward the
balance  payment via Western Union Money Transfer and MONEYGRAM to any of  "CheapFabrics" Group regional warehouses that will be given to you later.    
You will notify the company a week ahead if eventually you want to  discontinue this job so as to terminate all payment coming your way to  avoid conflict.  
With Regards.   Bertsil Woods  Director of Cheap Fabrics, Thames Court, 1 Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire. SL4 1YB, United Kingdom Tel:+447024082416 Fax:+447005807162             DeleteReplyForwardSpamMove...  Previous | Next | Back to Messages Save
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Comments to similar e-mail:
If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud.

Google Profit at
See for similar offer at

Dec 2007
Be careful: Beyond their deeply corrupted academic formal behavior the archaeologists Vasil Nikolov and Henrieta Todorova have been
recognized in a series of terrifying corrupted non-formal activities against respectful scholars.
Stefan Alexandrov has been recently caught in signing a document with false contents used for a corrupted academic activity and in
missing professional ability to recognize archaeological trench from treasure-hunter trenches. For more information e-mail:

External links:

Global Travel International
Is There a Global Travel International Scam?

Monterey Financial Services
I was told by representatives of Monterey, that those Laws do not pertain to Monterey and that I was a dead beat

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