Eastern European Students in  The Grand
America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Guests about the hotel:
Aug 24, 2007 Golfdr,
Best Hotel in Salt Lake
Grand America is
easily the best hotel in
SLC. The suites are
particularly nice, and
while they are more
expensive than other
SLC hotels they are a
bargain compared to
accommodations in
other major cities. So if
you are in SLC treat
yourself to what would
cost much more in
Chicago, NY, SF, DC,

Salt Lake City: Grand
America Hotel:
"amazing experience"
Beautiful mini-suites
that are decorated in
an elegant European
style. All of us who
stayed there are still
talking about how
wonderfully luxurious
the rooms were. The
staff was attentive
without being nosy.
Breakfast in the cafe
was a fine dining
experience, and the
room service was more
than enough for 2
people even though
we only ordered one.
I've stayed in many
fine hotels, but I
believe this one ranks
at the top! (My one
complaint was that
there was no coffee pot
in the room; however,
coffee downstairs was
reasonable and of
good quality.)
Salt Lake City: Grand America Hotel:
"Grand America: Best Bang for the Buck!"
SLOnative, Pismo Beach, Calif.  Jun 4,
2007: But in all of our travels to 4 and
5-star hotels abroad and in the U.S., we've
never been so impressed with the entire
staff of a hotel like we were at the Grand
American... All had put forth a friendly
smile and a "Hello, is there anything I can
get you?"
I had heard that Utah is home to not only the greatest snow on earth, but also to the best looking people
on earth. Boy! What that an understatement!!! The entire front of house staff could easily be mistaken as
super models! (And I'm from Los Angeles!) ... My hat is off to the Ladies and Gentlemen (or should I say
models) of The Grand America Hotel and Spa! (
LAtrav007, Los Angeles, California  Apr 23, 2007)
Iva and Daniela
together with Lolita
Michael (Slovakia) and Heather (a supervisor at the
Front Desk)
(Bulgaria), the
favorite of the
Institute of
© 2007 International Institute of Anthropology. Created: Sept 2nd, 2007.
What makes The
Grand America  
unique as a working
place is the endless
and sincere love of
the owner and the
management to the
Lolita Nikolova, PhD