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Abstract by Lolita Nikolova

Diana Gergova (Bulgaria)

Diana Gergova is one of the leading European archaeologists in the field of later Prehistory. Her most popular
scholar works is on the Thracian jewellery.  Most recently she has published a book on the Thracian traces in
the Bulgarian folklore.  She is the Bulgarian leader in the Bulgarian - Japanese excavations of the prehistoric tell
of Dyadovo, South Bulgaria.
Dyadovo excavations
Diana Gergova with the team of Dyadovo excavations and their guest,
Professor Rasho Rashev, Director of the National Archaeological Institute and
Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria.
More popular books by Diana Gergova:

Protobulgarski i trakijski sledi (together with Evgenij K. Teodorov)

Sboryanovo: The Sacred Land of the Getae

Format: Paperback, 84 pages
Publication Date: December 2004
Publisher: National Museum of Bulgaria
ISBN-10: 9549308545
ISBN-13: 9789549308549
List Price: $43.50
a link to compare the prices at

Demir Baba Teke - Bulgarskiyat Erusalim (together with Katerina Venedikova)
A link to buy at

Obredut Na Obezsmurtiavaneto V Drevna Trakiia (1st edition)

Language: Bulgarian
Format: Book (Illustrated), 267 pages
Publication Date: January 1996
Publisher: Unknown
ISBN-10: 9548761165
ISBN-13: 9789548761161

Früh- Und altereisenzeitliche Fibeln in Bulgarien

Language: German
Format: Book, 94 pages
Publication Date: January 1987
ISBN-10: 3406307639
ISBN-13: 9783406307638