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International Institute of Anthropology
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The Sixth World Archaeological
Congress, Dublin, Ireland, 29th June
- 4th July 2008
The World Archaeological Congress is the fastest
growing global organization of archaeologists and
their friends.  Join us at
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The flowers are similar all over the world. Especially the roses.
Bulgaria for instance, is world famous with its oil rose which grows in
Karlovo and Kazanluk valleys.
Dublin, WAC 6.
Thank you Professor Cooney
for the remarkable
Lolita Nikolova, PhD (Bulgaria & USA)
Thank you ALL for the wonderful time!
Lyudmila Doncheva, Dr Hab. (Bulgaria)
But when it comes to Green, Ireland has no competition. WAC
6. In this Park  was one of the official Receptions.
The original idea of the topic Archaeologists as people
belongs to Claire Smith for which she was named
Archaeologist of the World at International Institute of
Anthropology (2008)
Diana Gergova in Old Wine in New Bottle
Lyudmila Donchev at the evening Discussion party in the
apartment of the Romanian colleagues participants in the session
"Old Wine in New Bottle"
Thank you World Archaeological Congress!
Thank to Professor Gabriel Cooney!
Thank you Professor Claire Smith!

Thank you ALL!
Dublin 2008, one of the most beautiful places in
the world!
Diana Gergova, PhD (Bulgaria)
See Three Bulgarian women-archaeologists at the World Archaeological Congress
The participants in the Session "Old Wine in New Bottles" with the main organizer, Cristian Schuster.