Periodization and distribution
Baden Culture Complex (the Middle Danube
Chronology: Early Bronze I (abt
3600 - 3000 cal BCE) or later
Copper Age (Central European
periodization system)

Distribution: North Serbia,
western Romania, Hungary,
Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic
and Poland. Elements in Germany
and Switzerland (Arbor Bleiche
Settlements, cemeteries and
accidental finds

Value: integration part of the
Baden - Yunatsite - Ezero -
pre-Troy cultural network (later
fourth millennium cal BCE)

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Chronological table of the third
Millennium cal BCE by Joseph
Phase                        Subgroups                        Date                        sites
Balaton-Lasinya                -                              3700 BC cal                -
Boleráz        -                                                      3500 BC                Pilismarot
Ia                                Štúrovo        -                                                    Letkès
Ib                        Nitriansky Hrádok        -                                        Lánycsok, Vysoki breh
Ic                                Zlkovce        -                                                   Balatonboglár
Post-Boleraz                -        
early                Fonyod/Tekovský Hrádok        -        -
late                Červený Hrádok/Szeghalom-Dioér        -        -
Classical Baden                                                 3400 BC        -
II, III                        older        -                                                                Nevidzany, Viss
IV                            younger        -                                                           Uny, Chlaba, Ózd

Sites and material culture
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T. Horváth, K. Gherdán, K. Herbich, ZS. Vasáros
Häuser der Badener Kultur Am Fundort Balatonőszöd-Temetői Dűlő.Archäologische
Untersuchungen. Acta Archaeologica (Akadémiai Kiadó),Volume 58, Number 1/June 2007,
43-105. (
Houses of the Baden culture at the Balatonőszöd — Temető dűlő site . A large settlement of
the Baden culture was unearthed on a coherent surface of 100000 square metres during
excavations preceding the construction of the new track of highway M 7 at Balatonőszöd in
2001–2002. The Late Copper Age settlement stood on the bank of a lake and along a
stream that ran into the lake. The remains of four buildings (house foundations, daub
fragments and miniature house models) were uncovered from the classical phase of the
culture. The buildings were overground wood-structure houses plastered with daub and
raised on posts above the waterlogged territory. They could have profane and sacral
functions as well.