Anthropology of Everydayness: Links
Live science.
Top ten unexplained phenomenons.
Pirates in the 21st century
Emile Durkheim.
Lecture on Anthropology of everydayness
Pierre Bourdieu
Salvador Dali
Asking about your opinion
Rosa Parks dies 29 Oct
A dinner in the house of Linda
Nikolova in Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA
Professor Jak Yakar in Salt Lake
City, Utah
A group from Montana (Bulgaria) in Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA
Russian festival in Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA
Bulgarians parties in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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Bulgarians of 2006 in the USA
Radostina Kaneva
I love to go back to Bakar, Croatia
(Genealogy trip in September 2007).
Again Bulgarian Party in Salt Lake
City, Utah (the picture of the month)
(7th Oct 2007)

My friend Rose's jewellery
Cambodian couple saw house in half in
divorce (Fri, Oct 10, 2008)
Chicago, Illinois.
Christmas party of
Bulgarians with a special
program (2006).
external link)

Cambodian "jungle
girl" struggles to adapt
(1-19-06). (
.pdf file)
[Anti]grandeur of
Bulgaria (
internal link)
Cesar Gaviria in Salt Lake City (2009)
Laura Chukanov
Born in Bulgaria
Miss Utah 2009
When the dreams come true:
Susan Boyle (UK)
Levi Montalcini. 100th
Birth Anniversary (2009)
130 year Anniversary of American Institute of Archaeology
(28 April 2009)
Levi Strauss died at