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Same-Sex Dynamics Among
Nineteenth-Century Americans: A
Mormon Example, by  D. Michael
Quinn. Published 2001.
University of Illinois Press. 512
ISBN 0252069587.
Selected bibliography on anthropology of Salt Lake City  with links
Historic Photos of Salt Lake City (Historic
Photos) (Hardcover) by Jeff Burbank (Author)
Approach to Enculturation in Prehistory
and in Present
The 60th Birth Anniversary of Ian Hodder

section: Anthropology of Salt Lake City

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Lolita Nikolova and Ernst

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WEB pre-view
When Salt Lake City Calls by Rocky Hulse
(Paperback - Oct 31, 2007)
Wallace Stegner's Salt Lake City by Robert
C Steensma (Hardcover - Aug 16, 2007)
True Secrets of Salt Lake City and The
Great Salt Lake Revealed! by Scott
Gutelius, Marshall Stone, and Daniel
Reynen (Paperback - Jan 20, 2002)
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