Anthropology of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
This website represents the anthropology of Salt Lake City in 2007 authored
by Dr Lolita Nikolova from the perspectives of a cultural anthropologist, who
has been living in the city since 2001. Our special focus are Living Traditions
Festival, Bulgarian society in Utah, the Gallery of Michael Melik in Downtown,
Russian Festival, the Zions Bank's Annual Artists' reception and special
guests of Salt Lake - New York Voices and Professor Jak Yakar. All these
events are some of the faces of multucultural Salt Lake City that represent the
best the global character of its development and the integrity of its community.
Lolita Nikolova, PhD

Anthropology of Salt Lake City 2007

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International Institute of Anthropology
Cultural Events of Salt Lake City and Its Neighborhood 2007
Jak Yakar in Salt Lake City (2007)
New York Voices in Salt Lake City (Dec 21-22, 2007)

Art-exhibits in the gallery of Michael Melik (SL Downtown)
August 2007
September 2007
October 2007

Zions Bank Annual Artists' Reception November 2007

Festival of trees, Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2007

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Living Traditions Festival, May 18th - 20th 2007
Taiwan Cultural Festival, October 15th - 20th 2007
Bulgarians contribute to the prestige world culture Promotio:
Denitsa Moneva, an artist from Salt Lake City, Utah,
Professor Jak Yakar was in Salt Lake
City, Utah, on March 15 and March 16,
2007. He delivered a lecture at the
University of Utah, participated in a
seminar if Professor Bradley Parker and
on March 16 he was
a special guest of
the Bulgarians of Utah and their friends
at Belvedere.
A Montana Folk group (Bulgaria) visited Utah in
March 2007. ( in Bulgarian)
March 22.
A performance in the Salt Lake
Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA).
March 24, Saturday,
Helper, Utah
The Magic of Wood. An Art Exhibit in Salt Lake City,
Utah, with the participation of
Denitsa Moneva.
New art show in the Main Street, Salt Lake City Downtown,
Festivals, guests and social events 2007
Art 2007
Living Traditions Festival

John Bell

Michele McLaughlin

Peter Nielson

Michale Phipps

Craig Miller

Margaret Strickland