Cultural Events of 2008 in Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA
at the International Institute of Anthropology
Category "Enculturation"

• The radio talkshow of Doug Wright, January - December 2008

Category "Entertainment"

• The monthly artshows in the gallery of Michael Melik in Downtown Salt Lake, January - December 2008

Category "Art and global culture"

• The art exhibit of John Bell in Salt Lake Downtown (Utah Art Alliance), January 2008

Interview with John Bell at:

Category "Anthropology of Everydaness"

• The art exhibit of Bob Mossart at Nostalgia Café, Salt Lake Downtown, February 2008

Category "Women and the Global world"

• Wasatch Woman of the Year. Ceremony in the Grand America Hotel, March 20th 2008.

Link to Wasatch Woman magazine at

Category " and enculturation"

She's witch!

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, is a world multicultural megacity-center. It is the best known for its Genealogy library - one of the
cultural miracles in the contemporary world. Every year Salt Lake hosts numerous cultural events and there are fruitful
interactions between multicultural social groups and communities that fact in turn focuses the anthropological interest on
this city because of the unique way of production and reproduction of the human culture in this megacity.

In 2007 for the first time
the International Institute of Anthropology (IIA) offered cultural events of the year in Salt Lake City and
neighborhood. The original idea belongs to
Lolita Nikolova, PhD, a world recognized cultural anthropologist, the founder and
Research Director of the
IIA.  Assistant researcher - The High School student Vanina Harkova, with two gold medals from the
State Olympiad in 2008.

Please e-mail your suggestions for nominees for 2009 at  You can also offer additional events
from any field of culture that can be nominated for 2009. Please help to honor the most liked, attractive and original cultural
events of Salt Lake City and neighborhood with the
IIA certificate "Cultural Event of 2008".
Last updated: 2-23-09