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Archaeology in Utah

Art-shows in the Gallery of Michael Melik in Salt Lake Downtown
April 2007
Best of 2007
Art Exhibit of  Utah Women artists in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Oct 5 - Nov 1, 2007
10 artists 10 styles. Art Exhibit of 10 Utah artists in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Sept 6th - Oct 5th 2007
Michael Phipps at the Utah Art Alliance Exhibit, November 2007, Salt Lake City Downtown  

Art shows in 2008: Posters
When the Car Windows Become Butterfly Wings Art Exhibit of Tom Little in Salt Lake City Downtown, Utah, USA, July 2008
Advancing Art Traditions


Chukanov, Laura
Miss Utah 2009

Cultural event of the year in Salt Lake City

Essay on anthropology by Salt Lake City students
Jen Manitoken

Halloween 2008 in Salt Lake
Carol Fish greets the world
A lot of fun on Halloween in Salt Lake

Household archaeology
Household archaeology undressed
International Conference at the University of Utah, February 2009

Jak Yakar in Salt Lake City
Lecture at the UofU
Jak Yakar at Belvedere

John Bell, Interview

Marriage and family therapy services in Salt Lake City

Main page of Anthropology of Salt Lake

Miss Utah, Laura Chukanov

Mother Teresa

New York Voices in Salt Lake City
New York Voices in Salt Lake City in Bulgarian

Nikolova, Lolita

Zion's bank Reception of Artists         
Map and links
In the gallery of Michael Melik
Laura Chukanov
Bulgarian American
Miss Utah 2009