Created: 3-13-2011
Last updated: 3-20-11
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Vassil Nikolov and the erosion of Bulgarian prehistoric research
Today archaeology in some countries is probably the least recommended profession for young talented intellectual and honest people because of
danger they to be victimized from archaeologists with multipersonality and  psychopathic behavior. There are many nice people in this field but the
archaeologists with multipersonality use numerous visible and invisible means to fight with any talent relying also on their younger descendants (usually
addicted career makers) who are like them as personalities and follow them. There is a dangerous network that includes even criminal behavior which is
covered by archaeologists, that means that many who work in this field today do not believe the criminal behavior is something anti-social.

The communist parties of the former socialistic countries gathered different personalities - from most humanistic to nazi-like, psychopaths-like and
criminals.  It looks like most of the communist party members became such just to use the privilege of the power. Some of them used wisely the power and
helped the progress of society, although the spiral was small and with many eroded chains. Having the communism in the world as the ideology of
humanity and equity stimulated the global process of the end of the colonial systems, for instance. However, many communists deformed the ideology
and misused the power in their everydayness. This resulted in the erosion of the communist system and the fall of the communist ideology - not because
of the ideology of humanity but because of the totalitarian politics.
    In 1970s - 1980s the communists were not the only leaders in many sectors of social life. In Bulgarian archaeology it was possible leading positions to
be occupied by non-communists. In context of terrifying Henrieta Todorova, a symbol of everything bad that can be thought about people, it was a sort of
community that reacted against her crazy behavior. Withing the poisoned by Todorova environment,  has grown the power of Vassil Nikolov who reached
even the post of Director of Archaeological Institute.