Argosy University Online and Global
Argosy University is a leading higher educational institution in the world. It easily wins
over the other institutions since it is innovative and beneficial for the smart students
(not career seekers). Argosy is a victory of quality education and in near future, if the
society believes in progress, Argosy diploma would mean itself ready for the best
seeds for society.

Argosy online in the field of
Forensic Psychology is based on a very simple
methodology. Since simple in science means progress, discovery of this methodology is
itself a huge success for Argosy.

Four weeks the students study only one subject. There are five modules which include
a discussion topic and a research paper. First date due is the discussion at the mid of
the week, followed by the research paper at the end of the week. This simple
methodology is a perfect tool to create a perfect scientific mind. It creates a pattern of
professional engaging discussion and a pattern of a serious research in depth.

There are 1,000 points which one can easily get, if he/she has abilities of a researcher,
study hard and has ability to produce quality knowledge. It is almost like Bauhaus in

In this system the teacher has extremely strong role. In contrast to the in-class
developing system of education with increasing the invisible but decreasing of the
visible role of the teacher, online the teacher must be a genius extremely competent
scientist with huge contributions to science to be able to direct the mind of the
students toward discoveries and quality knowledge, not toward creating career
oriented replicators.  

This is the goal of Argosy as a non-for-profit educational institution. The society does
not need career makers, the society needs people who search and discovery new
branches of the tree of life, adds new leaves or cut some branches down. Although the
replicators look like new leaves on old branches, in fact they are a poison even for the
most fruitful branches, since repeating in social science and higher education without
current updates means a gun against the progress. Replication has become very
corrupted mean for career making in field of archaeology, for instance, where some
places have been occupied by old whose role is to find young to replicate them,
although they need to be criticized. The sociopathic character of such corruption is
evident since in archaeology has been involved even psychotronic terrorism and at
status seats some support this invisible crime just attempting to keep their positions.

Argosy University says clearly – we do care about quality knowledge, which is
individualized and innovative knowledge.

Which is the pitfall of this system? Only one – the teachers!

Can Argosy University provide the quality online teachers with this huge experience in
science and society which will make them really coaches of their students, and not
corrupted judges who instead help, may even abuse their talented students?

How would look a model of a good teacher at Argosy University?

1.        An author of many contributive books and articles which prove the teacher is an
active well recognized scientist. The scientist is one thing, the doctor holder is another
thing. Many doctor holders are career replicators who make doctor thesis not to
contribute to science, but to find jobs. In most dangerous way they will begin to judge
as teachers in their way since they are strangers to science. The doctor holder does
not mean a scientist, while Argosy is structured and designed to be a place of teachers
– genius scientists.

2.        Extremely intelligent person. Argosy is about out of box thinking. To turn the
whole textbook down would be the best example for A at Argosy! Repeating textbook
without critical approach ideally would not qualify you even for C.

3.        Argosy is designed as a real-life oriented education. This is only education that
helps society and people. Then, the teacher should stimulate exactly this side of Argosy

4.        Absolutely accurate and prompt, responding to each student message
immediately, since being a student at Argosy means buying a coach for a quality
education. Not having a response from the teacher within 1-5 hours point to a
paycheck employed instructor (with connection or just by chance). The student can
make during the month of coaching endless mistakes, but the teacher not since the
student’s mistake would mean learning through mistakes, while the teacher’s mistake
is like a gun in the heart of the student. If the teacher punishes the student for
mistakes, and does not just correct him/her and let him/her go further proudly, then,
there should be the same punishment for the teacher. There is an army of ideal
potential teachers which can make the Argosy revolution in science, but they need to
be allowed to make this revolution.

Argosy University at Salt Lake City is the best University in Utah with the best student
and the best teacher for 2013. It is such a victory for the new knowledge! Just thinking
about Argosy University one would recognize how important is to embed new
education which is society oriented, creative and expanding the intellectual world of
the global citizens.
Contemporary archaeology in
Utah: Processing center
archaeological site
Utah is a global regional model
of social evolution which keeps
(and regularly) updates the
best of human cultural
traditions and immediately
integrate the fruitful innovation
becoming itself a top
innovators and culture inventor.

To genealogy on the roof of
culture and caring about
contemporary archaeology,
Utah has been also hosting one
of the branches of Argosy
University, a leading higher
educational institution with elite
Master and PhD programs