Contemporary Art in Downtown
Salt Lake City, Utah
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November 4 - December 1
Contemporary Design and Art Gallery presents:

Wilson (Glass)
d Daniel (Drawings)
Brian Staker about the exhibit (ex-link)

.pdf (exhibit poster)

Interview at
Tim Wilson

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Glass Octopus blog of Tim Wilson

About Tim Wilson Glass Art
About Tim Wilson Glass Art

About the Artist

1970 - An Artist is Born

Tim Wilson was born in Salt Lake City,  Utah.
He had a relatively normal childhood but
seemed to spend much of his time making art.
He went to public school and was usually the
'class artist'.
He did not attend any special school to
develop his natural talent instead he spent
most of his time developing skills and
applying them to his art.
   “I have always had a need to create. Even
as a very small child I sculpted and painted
and soon found myself creating art in most
areas of my life. I have found glass to be a
very challenging yet satisfying medium. Glass
is naturally beautiful and can be very
functional. I enjoy enhancing my
surroundings with my work and bringing smiles
to the faces of people who see my creations.”