ASOR 2014 Meeting Photogallery
San Diego, California
Melisa is  a
bioarchaeologist, a PhD
candidate at UCSD. Her
bachelor is in biology,
but the interest in
bioarchaeology has
connected her with
project of Dr Tom Levy
The Cyber-archaeology project of Professor Tom Levy with team has brought a new meaning in global archaeology. 3D documentation
allows better communication of the archaeological discoveries and opportunity for better scientific research. It has also a series humanistic
application in cultural heritage global projects.
San Diego, CA.  
Sunny and inviting
on Nov 19, 2014.
Lolita Nikolova. Back
to the USA after a
month on-site
genealogy research in
Europe and
participation in
events in Bulgaria.
UCSD. Cyber-Archaeology
Tour and Reception, Nov 20,
The current president of ASOR, Professor Susan  Ackerman. Thanks to her ASOR has this year a new topic - contemporary archaeology and
archaeology of cross-ocean migration material culture (the author's poster). But she and ASOR leaders have still hard work to make ASOR only a place
of highest science and highest cultural values and ethical standards. Many young archaeologists come to ASOR and it can be a place where they can
show extraordinary scholarly abilities to help them in finding jobs, although for unknown reasons hundreds and thousands anthropology online jobs
have been never announced by universities and colleges for academic competition and many tenures work without actual scientific contributions. In the
21st century non-for-profit organizations can help science and scientists vitally.  No interview place for academic jobs at ASOR meeting this year.
Presentation of the
Cyber-archaeology project at
The Reception.
Lolita Nikolova, PhD. ASOR
Poster Presentation. Annual
Meeting, San Diego. 22
November 2014.
Contemporary archaeology:
Balkan-American Migration