Eurasia in Prehistory by Oxbow publishers (2008)

Living Well Together?

Settlement and Materiality in the Neolithic
of South-East and Central Europe

Edited by Douglass Bailey, Alasdair Whittle and
Daniela Hofmann
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Table of Contents

Living well together? Questions of definition and scale in the Neolithic of south-east and central Europe,
by Douglass Bailey and Alasdair Whittle  1

Ilipinar and Mentese: early settlement in the eastern Marmara region,
by Jacob Roodenberg and Songul Alpaslan-Roodenberg         8

Household dynamics and variability in the Neolithic of Greece: the case for a bottom-up approach,
by Stella Souvatzi         17

Tell settlements: a pattern of landscape occupation in the Lower Danube,
by Radian-Romus Andreescu and Pavel Mirea        28

Late Neolithic spatial differentiation at Polgr-Csoszhalom, eastern Hungary,
by Pal Raczky and Alexandra Anders        35

Uivar: a late Neolithic-early eneolithic fortified tell site in western Romania,
by Wolfram Schier        54

Meet the ancestors: settlement histories in the Neolithic,
by John Chapman 68

The view from the village: the context of tell mapping and habitual visibility,
by Steven Trick        81

Early Neolithic pottery production in Romania: Gura Baciului and Seusa La-Cararea Morii (Transylvania),
by Michela Spataro    91                                        

Material culture traditions and identity,
by Elisabetta Starnini        101

Sedentary Pastoral gatherers in the Early Neolithic: Architectural, botanical, and zoological evidence for mobile
economies from Foeni-Sales, south-west Romania,
by Haskel J. Greenfield and Tina Jongsma        108

Crop husbandry and its social significance in the Koros and LBK cultures,
by Amy Bogaard, Joanna Bending and Glynis Jones        131

Inter-generational transmission of culture and LBK Origins: some indications fromeastern-central Europe,
by Alena Lukes and Marek Zvelebil        139

The boundary in western Transdanubia: variations of migration and adaptation,
by Eszter Banffy        151

Perspectives on the beginnings of the earliest LBK in east-central Europe,
by Eva Lenneis        164
© 2009 International Institute
of Anthropology

© 2009 Lolita Nikolova, PhD
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