Bulgarians in Salt Lake City, Utah,
voted for the future of Bulgaria on Oct 5, 2014
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Created: Oct 6, 2014.
Salt Lake City.
For the first time in history
(Left)The first Bulgarian election section in Salt Lake City, Utah. October 5,

Bulgarians voted for new Parliament in Bulgaria.
The election won
- the party which presumably should finally bring Bulgaria on the
road of progress and democracy.
Bulgaria was 45 years under the heavy communist dictatorship
(1944-1989) with devolutional social and cultural consequences for the
nation, which can be measured today as more devastating than the
500 years Turkish Yoke (1396-1878).
Results: GERB - 37 PB - 14
BSP - 4 (huge danger!)
BBC - 2
Election committee in Salt Lake City:
Mariana Pavlova
Linda Sandaklie-Nikolova
Sherri Hammeed
Vuctoryyyyyyyyyy! Democracy
may finally come to Bulgaria!