Humanity will win if Ruth Tringham is removed from wikipedia since a series of her
visible and invisible activities indicates that she is most terrifying active fighter against
gifted intellectuals in American life practicing a sort of intellectual genocide in America!

About the article below

The article below was provoked by researching Margaret Sanger  as a student at Salt Lake
Community College. While in class Margaret Sanger was presented by the teacher as a
revolutionary woman who brought in 1920s the wiseness of the world – the birth control,
articles on Internet and a video at show that in fact her activity was ideologically
backed by
eugenics ideology – the ideology which gave birth of Holocaust in Germany in later
1930s. In other words, in many cases we do not pay attention on the ideology that backs the
activities of people, especially of Jews who, because of Holocaust, are considered a social
privileged race in our society. If you criticize a Jew, you may be labeled antiracist. However,
Jews are like all people – there is an exemplary-type and there is a greed-type. If you have the
strength to reveal the greed-type, you will also help to recognize the exemplary-type.

Because of the fact that the author of this article was almost two years at the desk of Ruth
Tringham (1997-1998), it came out so late. Within more than ten years after coming with Green
Card in the USA the author did endless attempts to stop the hate of Tringham and to develop
colleague relationship. But this woman just has not stopped – from asking her what  would do if
she had got Green Card (1998) to naming her paparazzi at University of Utah (2009). There is also
a chain of invisible behavior that can be investigated only by FBI and Interpol. One just does not
know what is next!

In other words – if eugenics theory was stopped and deeply criticized in 1920s, probably we may
not have Holocaust. If the author had immediately reacted critically to Tringham when recognized
her non-ethical behavior, probably would not be University of Utah cover story and more
terrifying events that followed it. But it can be also continued that if this article would not come
out, who knows – in 10 years it can be registered a whole network of intellectual genocide not
only in the USA but also all over the world. From visible defamation to psychotronic terrorism –
there are non-intellectual people who invade the intellectual world to make the life of intellectuals
nightmare and to try to occupy the places that usually are reserved for intellectuals.
Intellectualization is not easy process and education is not enough. Intellectualism is a gift of
nature for some, while if non-intellectual type people are enough smart would chochoose fields of
life where they can be successfully without having this gift. If they are not smart, they will begin
live a life dedicated to make the life of intellectuals nightmare. In the 21st century it is possible to
stop this tendency and to win over the academic corruption by revealing the greed and
stimulating the intellectualization of the academic life.

The practice of Tringham to defame recognized scholars is a sigh of reinventing Cold War in the
USA and required most serious attention. There is a case in American anthropology with Zora
Neale Hurston, a renowned American anthropologist from the mid 20th century who was falsely
accused of molesting a ten-year-old boy in 1948, and "although the case was dismissed after
Hurston presented evidence that she was in Honduras when the crime supposedly occurred in
the U.S., her personal life was seriously disrupted by the scandal" (

Ruth Tringham
(contra wikipedia at

Ruth Tringham is among the most non-intellectual, non-gifted archaeologists
and "professors" with terrifying personalities in early 21st century. Her
"competition" is
Henrieta Todorova (Bulgaria). Both have been misused the
role of archaeology to preserve past and in most barbarous way have been
destroying past being extremely bad diggers from professional point of view.

It is still unknown how wikipedia contributes to humanity. Some of the articles
look more like autobiographies instead critical biographies. Such is the case
with Ruth Tringham. In contrast to intellectual, knowledgeable and nice as
appearance woman Marija Gimbutas, overtall, man-like looking Tringham had
entered archaeology both as a Jew and lesbian trying with these social
privileges to occupy a social space of intellectuals without having such
abilities, so most probably as a corrupted secret agent who has staying still on
periphery. Unfortunately, in the US it is impossible to ask for opening files of
suspicious arrogant personalities. It creates a situation when most innocent
people have been troubled and socially killed by arrogant corrupted
individuals type Bulgarian Bozhidar Dimitrov who used his scholar title to
have entered the Vatican in Rome as a secret agent.

From Wikipedia we learned that in fact Tringham had problem already in family.
In an interview Tringham obviosly proudly shared that her mother
“encouraged her to question authority and realize the contexts in which these
authorities are based”. It would be much better if her mother taught her how
to respect authorities keeping a critical view on life. It looks all her social life
is fighting invisibly and visibly and in most terrifying way (almost
schizophrenic and psychopathological) against most wonderful and
recognized personalities and authorities. She is like a nightmare for the
honest (non-secret agents)  archaeologists since nobody knows what kind of
terrifying means will be used.

Wikipedia also states that Tringham “during high school ... learned Latin and
Greek”. It is comic since if she really "learned" Latin and Greek she would not
be a prehistorian. She had never and nowhere shown a knowledge even of
one word Latin and Greek. In contrast, her non-intellectual appearance points
only to a terribly unknowledgeable personality.

According to Wikipedia, Tringham's mother's early advices (regarding
authorities) “would lead to some of her innovative ideas and methods”. In fact
Tringham has not even one innovative idea and method. Her pseudoscholarly
funny writings are reproduction, simplified non-intellectual expression of most
elementary thinking of a person whose life is dedicated on intrigues and
terrifying fighting against nice people.

According to Wikipedia, Tringham helped San Francisco Symphony Chorus  
“record several CD's and even a Grammy Award-winning song of Carl Orff's
Carmina Burana.” This sentence clearly shows autobiography since every
critical writer of biography will make conclusion from the facts that she was
not a gifted musician, but as in archaeology, she has been trying to represent
herself as an important figure in music. In fact, as bad she was obviously as
musician, the same bad she was as an archaeologist – only trouble for science
and people and making archaeology a very dangerous field for talented and
intellectual people, since she is absolutely non-intellectual type of personality
and terrifies the field with an arrogant behavior.

According to Wikipedia, “Having first excavated at age thirteen, she knew she
wanted to be an archaeologist by the time she was sixteen”. This sentence
may explain the fact that she entered archaeology as a corrupted secret
agent. Archaeology is a top profession for secret agents since archaeologists
travel a lot, although obviously many in this field come as non-gifted
corrupted people who have been using archaeology for career and for
fighting against honest dedicated to science talented (non-secret agents)
people.  Then, most probably at age 16, seeing her miserable intellectual
abilities for success in life, Tringham decided to become a terrifying corrupted
secret agent to trouble, harass and socially kill innocent people. Then, all her
stories about changing interest from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe may
indicate attempts to embed herself as a corrupted secret agent – most
unfortunately, she obviously succeeded in Eastern European archaeology.
Later coming to the USA she occurred in one and the same field with gifted
Marija Gimbutas and all Tringham’s life seems to have become a fight against
gifted people.

The Wikipedia website of Tringham is a typical instance how has been misused
Internet nowadays. Since Tringham is a retired British unsuccessful professor
in the US and most terrifying personality, such biographies not only does not
help humanity, but become a barrier for rehumanization of society.

The Illiterate author of this "biography" even cannot make difference between
Serbia and Bulgaria.
Updated: 5-12-14
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