Archaeology in Bulgaria: from past toward
Created: 2-12-11
Last updated: 10-30-12 (archived)
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There are a two fundamental moral principals in
global society - don't lie and don't hide truth that
helps or damages the progress of society.

Internet can save life! Because of psychoterrorists
inside and other forms of corruptions, Bulgarian
professional archaeology is one of the most
dangerous intellectual branches for work today in
the world.

Because of the fact that part of former communists
and/or related to them have  transformed in
psychotronic terrorists, in Bulgaria should be a
special law against the psychotronic terrorism in
order they to be arrested and sue even as serial
killers, as well as the victims to be secured.  In
case of Bulgarian archaeology, it can be easy
proved the existed most dangerous psychotronic
terrorists,   because of the serious  of strange
deaths of Bulgarian prehistorians till early 21st
century and absence of such in the last 5 years
after the truth was released on Internet.  However,
there are other strange things at international
scales - pseudoscience and negative social
practices has been spreading related to Bulgarians
connected with the psychotronic terrorists. This fact
indicates that corruption in science is a very serious
global problem.
Hopefully soon the building on the left where now is the
Presidium of Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) will become
a museum of Rise and Fall of BAS. BAS is historically one of
the most corrupted Bulgarian cultural institutions as the recent
events had confirmed. The money paid for high salaries of the
members of the Presidium of BAS and of the staff can be used
for Bulgarian National Science Foundation. Most of the
"scientists" in the different institutes of BAS may have been  
employed thanks to corrupted connections in BAS.

Bulgarian National Science Foundation may sponsor Institute or
Centre for psychotronic terrorism to ask some members of BAS
like H. Todorova and M. Gyurova together with P. Georgieva for
a neuropsychological analysis to document how they are
connected psychotronically to trouble and terrorize people.
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Less and less smiles on the faces of two archaeologists who obviously have the
mission to construct the road of the destiny of Bulgarian archaeology in the period
of the globalization of the world. They have to deal with a totally corrupted branch
that they have been trying to defend. It is strange that instead looking in
themselves, archaeologists have been trying to defend themselves manipulating
the media. The main problem in the Council of Ministers - BAS debate was whether
the mentioned on 21st Dec museums have related to Bulgarian Academy of
Sciences. They do relate. They all report their activity to BAS. BAS assaulted a
Minister - woman, while archaeologists instead an excuse continued to insist that
the Council of Ministers was wrong based on most secondary in this case details.
This is always like this - substitution and attack instead looking in the opportunity
to update their social structure and social relationships.
In fact Bulgarian archaeology needs general renovation including:

1. Decentralization and making free all archaeologists from any dependence from
National Archaeological Institute and Museum.
2. Founding of National agency of contract archaeologists.
3. New law that permits private archaeological companies.
© BAS. Press-conference, Dec 27, 2011.
See comments in Ratiaria
When there is a big gaffe in Bulgarian archaeology - immediately prizes come.

The new leader face: Totko Stoyanov
In archaeology is not like in politics - to ask who is more or who is less corrupted. It is possible to keep yourself absolutely clean in
archaeology for highest leader positions.
Unfortunately, Totko Stoyanov could not save his personality to become the leader of Bulgarian archaeologists in this difficult post-
Vassil Nikolov period when Bozhidar Dimitrov probably still have the hand of Prime Minister Bojko Borisov.
Totko Stoyanov was a very perspective young archaeologist, but for unknown position has chosen the line of compromises which is
just impossible in Bulgarian archaeology - the people inside this branch are at the extremes of plus and minus. You juts cannot be in
the middle.
What shows Stoyanov is a wrong coin for the currency of the new archaeology in Bulgaria:
1. Former communist, Stoyanov did not keep himself aways from supporting the corruption during the period of Vassil Nikolov.
It is unusual for communists. In many cases it is safer to contact former communists since they would be not corrupted (many really
believed in social justice negotiated in the ideology of communism).
2. Now he has showed up in an editorial board with editor-in-chief a psychotronic terrorist and members all heroes from Dubene-
Balinov Gorun affair. Then, he is on the social stage not for purification of Bulgarian archaeology, but for reproduce past and layer
all the dirt from past with activities that nobody would not for sure whether are ethical, corrupted or even criminal. There is missing
It can be expected that in the next 5 years there will be serious attempts for purification of Bulgarian archaeology that will come from
the periphery, not from its professional core. It will be really a difficult period when many young will be in danger to be trapped with a
shared "sin" while some gifted may find their place, keep themselves clean and take the leadership in the post-Bojko Borisov
(respectively Bozhidar Dimitrov) time.

For all now is important to make Bulgarian archaeologists understand the world archaeology in not into two teams - one of Bulgarian
archaeologists and another of all other stupid archaeologists who have to stand all arrogance, lies and corruption, of the former
team. There are respectful clean archaeologists who neither want somebody to look at them as the most stupid in the world people
nor want to make themselves  
part of under table relationships and social practices.

A difficult period of Bulgarian archaeology.  Some of the Bulgarian archaeologists may have become even rich people. Probably the
best is to   stay in as bigger as possible distance, to watch and analyze what has been going on.

Totko Stoyanov's start as a leader in a role of criminal justice attorney is funny, scaring and dangerous.
According to BG media
he told:
„Квалификациите саботьори, изнудвачи, извиващи ръце са обида. В някои страни може да се търси за такова нещо
удовлетворение в съда, защото то е уронващо престижа”,
КРОСС: Археолозите заявиха, че се чувстват обидени от твърденията на министри от кабинета по време на
правителственото заседание, но няма да подават съдебен иск за уронване на авторитета, защото не вярват че това би
довело до нещо конкретно.

Psychotrnic terrorism

I have started my scientific research as a teen to show that the system of Bulgarian selection for Universities is not the one that the
nation desired. There was much better ways to prove your qualification for high education that learning written by teachers lectures -
the usual method to have gone to exams. I was happy to have accepted as a student at Sofia University with my winning research
paper that publicly defended at different levels including more than 20 deans and chairs of Universities and Colleges who had to
select 10 of 30 final winners at national level (1978).
In 1970s I researched the world politics to find ways to have always peace in the world. 30 years later I have been contributed to
something that is even more terrifying than visible war - the revealing of psychotronic terrorism. Who could believe that developing
research skills and becoming a scientists will put you under the shadow and in the fire of psychotronic terrorists? Most importantly -
how to believe that young people have been integrating in psychotronic  gangs?
Psychotronic terrorism is an aspect of serial killing. All data about the serial killers are important for the profiles of the psychotronic
terrorists. Among the serial killers there education in high education people that clearly show that high education cannot make
everybody a positive personality and there is something in the core of every individual that may stay and develop as a negative
energy despite all attempts of humankind to make people really only positive.
However, it should be accepted that the highest institution responsible for humankind have many duties and the psychotronic
terrorism is still on the bucket list of the world politics.

The most important aspect ... is to believe in yourself and to tell your story so that you can expose these vicious crimes to the public.
                                                                                                        James F. Marino
Victims of psychotronic terrorism and harassment
Paunov, E. (online). Velikite - Bashtite na arkheologiyata v Bulgaria
Bailey, D. W. (online). Bulgarian archaeology. Ideology, sociopolitics and the exotic.
Nikolova, L. (online). Science and politics: A lesson from history (Bogdan Filov)
Nikolova, L. (online). The Field Museum and William Parkinson contribute to Bulgarian archaeology
Nikolova, L. (online). Durham will discuss reburial of archaeological inhumations (April 2012)
Nikolova, L. (online) Archaeology and behavior.
Николова, Л. (online). Неонацизмът рефлектира и в българската археология

Crash accidents and dissidents:
Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Killed in Car Crash (2012)
Comment: There could be no connection with psychotronic terrorism, but Putin personally had acknowledged development of
psychotronic weapons against dissidents. There is evidence that the goal of the psychotronic terrorists is exactly crash accident.
They are able with devices to block the mind of the driver like making him sleep that causes lost of control. (update: see below  
October 19, 2012)

Links to Neonazi at Internet:
Twitter shuts out German neo-Nazi group's account. Microblogging site uses "country withheld content" blocking function for 1st time
Twitter bans Neo-Nazi group, a first for the website
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Neonazi characteristics:
Ideology - total power of gang-like network and lower order of life for all others

Totalitarian thinking and actions; Psychotronic violence and terror;  Manipulation of science; Negligence; Gangs and collaboration
with criminals for harming people;  Attempting to blacken people through slanders, phone calls and other means; Hate-crime
Mental diseases; Sociopathy; Psychopathy; Jews as active as non-Jews; Cultural racism; Using all kinds of collections and criminal
means for occupation of leading position; Amoral behavior; Willing to become rich and famous with unlimited power; Raping
Chronic lying;  Betray; Nazi ancestry;sexual abusing; distant, indirect or direct harassment; anti-culture.

November 22, 2012
Tod. and P. Georg. like animals (both probably with devices) had been targeting somebody and making probably several others just
not doing what they wanted to do and sending images of animals, terrifying people etc. Obviously, they love their neonazi behavior
and have been enjoying what had been doing. They had imitated animals, while I. Vaj. had been sent close to some of the victims.

November 3, 2012
Obviously Tod. with gang have problem who first to terrorize since there was a span of abt 3-4 hours when one of their prisoners was
able to have done some of the duties. However, the whole gang has been challenging not only the humanity, but also archaeology
as a profession.

November 2, 2012
Gayd.  continues  to be a huge issue. It is part of gang of Tod. since it is impossible somebody to play her in way it has been trying to
invade the personal space of Nik. According to the gang, she also has a device that means Tod. gang has become a group of active
terrorists with devices.

October 29, 2012
It is so sad that the young archaeologists in Bulgaria do not have wise leader, but continue the corrupted behavior of the older
generations. New Vassil Nikolov was born on the stage in these days of rebuilding Bulgaria. An archaeologist of Pernik Museum in
way in which Vassil Nikolov had abused media years after years
cried about ancient graves covers by the equipments of the new
highway.  In the same way he first had hidden the discovered finds (which should be considered as a crime) and later had been
blaming the government organization instead himself that could not finish the work on time. This Nikolov's branch together with the
Neonazi branch of Todorova has corrupted even the western archaeology (Gayd. in UK, Kraus. in Germany, Marin. in Belgium) make
feel happy all archaeologists who were able to escape the post-communist non-humanistic development of BG archaeology and to
live in a different environment (like USA) committed to humanism.

October 27, 2012
the nightmare of communism has one of the consequences the development inside of the communism of neo-Nazi behavior inside
the party members or related to leadership non-communist members. H. Tod. is a classic example of neo-Nazi as anti-culture,
occupying of scientific position without neither having abilities nor personality for such position that resulted in pseudoscientific
production, damages of humanity and suspected serial psychotronic murder. Typically, family is involved in such crime. Only Internet
and electronic media may save other from murder or just the chance (see October 19). Since H. Todo. is a Jew, then, it is an
example when the communist Jew has been practicing neo-Nazi in communist and post-communist regime. The typical practices:
Psychotornic terrorism to murder; visible preventing of any culture to be revealed by tolerance, promotion and support of low status
culture - co-psychotronic terrorist PhD and University teacher (P. Geog.) with pseudo-dissertation, ordinary archaeologist without
fluent knowledge of foreign language for international communication (Ya. Boyad) who would be probably a good specialist in a
museum and who continued the damaging archaeology practices by meaningless excavations of a site which is not a rescue
excavation (Yun.), hiring PhD without published work just to be her vote and later to promote her for higher academic position (M.
Gyur.), possible reference for master or PhD work in UK of a person who obviously did not have gained professional skills (B. Gayd.),
collaborating on-site closely and possible reference with obviously illiterate in archaeology pseudoscholar (E. Mar.), watching clsoely
for manipulation obviously a pseudoscholar with corrupted goals in archaeology (R. Kra.). Whether in all case H. Tod. has been
using psychotronic devices, in early 21 st century in prehistory related to the Balkans has emerged a network of pseudoscientific
branch related to neo-Nazism as most terrifying and anti-humanistic branch in culture.  All of these pseudoscholar have instance(s)
of victimization of science and honest talented scholars, absence of professional knowledge, corruption and/or gang-like network.
The destiny of many probably most wonderful scholars cannot be traced since the neo-Nazi filter start with University where is P.
geog. Even as a student she did demonstrated publicly neo-Nazi response to a co-student intellectual approach in the presence of
Dep Chair and later L. Get. signed the right that person to become an assistant. Even her third place for PhD thesis is a possible It is
a possible criminal corruption since it is against the humanistic right of preventing corrupted competition. Once in, through
psychotornic terrorism, intrigue and anti-culture one to continue to poison the whole environment. There are witnesses of sharing
opinions from corrupted behavior of P. Geog., then, who stay behind this neo-Nazi branch is not every clear - Nazi-communists not
related to science, gangs, criminals, or who?

To all this can be added the corrupted activity of M. Stef. who instead promoting the American values and spreading the seeds of the
American value began to collaborate by in fact umping the science and having a position at a university that does not desire.
In light of this branch, neo-Nazism in early 21st century has been describing in the pictures of anti-humanity, corrupted pseudo-
intellectual products, psychotronic terrorism, occupying often leading position for practicing corruption and anti-humanistic
(anticultural) activities, preventing progress and advanced culture, possible murder, etc. It was embedded in the power of the
communists regimes and continues in the post-communist regimes as destruction of humanistic values and of culture. Why it is
possible is a question for the people who study science, but they are not so many, since there is no development of a discipline of
sciencecritology. Possible reason is the Neo-nazism in incorporated in other branches as well since many non- and anti-intellectuals
were integrated into the academic life during the Cold War who select their non-intellectual followers and actively fight against any

October 26, 2012
There is probably no other example of most arrogance neo-Nazi thinking, ideology and psychotronic aggression of H. Tod.
Everything related to her is connected to arrogance, gang-behavior and anti-culture. With her non-intellectual mind of taking power
over the  
her microworld she had created a network of non-intellectual gang-members as a trouble for humanity and an example of anti-
culture. All her gang-members are not enough educated, fraud-authors, aggressive in their microcosmos and corrupted to criminal
behavior. It is not only a sociopathic behavior - it is a danger against everybody who is a humanist. As a paradox, the most actual
topic in science is "Science as a window of beo-nazi gangs".

October 25, 2012
Studying the global society, more and more information has been publishing online about the neo-Nazi. There is even Nazi party in
the USA. is full with videos showing the "beauty" of life in NAZI Germany.
In past the book by Zh. Zhelev on the fascism was popular in Bulgaria because the written inside had analogies in the communist
regime. This created the picture of similarity between both totalitarian systems. The development of the contemporary world shows
that in fact we have to study neo-Nazi inside the communist regimes as independent segment of society. This is not the system but
always the people who corrupt and criminalize the system.
From such perspectives, the gang of Todor. today has very steady roots in the communist regime, so we can make the scientific
conclusion: inside the communist party were integrated individuals with neo-Nazi ideology who gradually, especially after 1989
developed as neo-Nazi gangs. Victimization by neo-Nazi new people reflects on their modified behavior under the pressure of the
psychotronic terrorism of H. Todor. known also as Teodor Blank - some collaborate (Gyur., Georg., Vajs., Gayd. and possibly
others), while other were murdered or have been experiencing the most terrifying victimization.   
Searching for the neo-Nazi roots inside the communist regime helps better to understand why some victims are resistant to the
terrorism and suffer while other begin to collaborate actively.
The model of neo-nazism according to the H. Todor.  behaviour:
1. Semieducated with false social status based on titles given to her by corrupted to criminal authorities.
2. Arrogant misconduct in the profession.

October 19, 2012
The murder plan of Todorova continued attempting a crash with car. This fact witnessed at least by 3-4 co-murders and 1 more
victim just make must in Bulgaria to be in details re-analyzed the forensic specialists all deaths of prehistorians in later 20th - early
21st century. Instead humanists, it is logical the communist regimes in integrate in the intellectual segments serial killers anti-
The people created a rich vocabulary to describe how the human brain can developed in heads in which there are no values but only
sociopathic ego related to a series of mental diseases.

October 18, 2012
Todorova has become as stupid as possible to be every murder in the world. She showed her gang members how one can make the
situation of victim worse by trying to put highest financial pressure

October 17, 2012
Good news come from Bulgaria for general change of the social status of archaeologists who will be able to be controlled since the
communist regime had created as status that neither related to the knowledge  nor to behavior. Archaeology was a top profession
occupied by communist party members since it related opportunities for money, easy fame, travel abroad, contacts with West, easy
successful career. The results is psychotronic terrorism, crime, low status publications, dangerous social environments of intrigure
makers, victimizing talented and honest people, etc. This is an environment in which the older corrupted archaeologists still continue
to embed young archaeologists like them. In Bulgaria continue meaningless excavations only for money, absent of quality
publications, naming science and giving scientific titles to things that has nothing to do with science, etc.

October 15, 2012
Todor. has been making terrifying environment by using her devices for eventual sex stimulation and talking with her vulgar non-
intellectual languages things that rarely people even can think. She has been getting more dangerous because of her age. How is
possible in country like Bulgaria not to have national security  officers to check her home and to send her to a mental facility if her
family collaborate in the psychotronic terrorism instead helping themselves. This looks more like a household of sociopaths who are
well described in the records about serial killers.

October 14, 2012
There is no age for crime -
see the story about 91 year old female mayor
As usually on Sunday the main activities of Todor. and her son, Vajs., is a psychotronic terrorism. Why the Director of Archaeological
Institute L. Vagalinski obviously has been enjoying a happy life, some his employees developing gang psychotronic skills. There are
many opportunities in Bulgaria be easily proved that Todor. - Georg. (also very active on Sundays) - Vajs. is a psychotronic gang. A
case from USA with 90 year female mayor clearly show that the age will increase the aggressiveness of Todor. in the home context of
collaboration with crime and terrorism.
Once it was written, and Gayd. showed up. Obviously Todor. has devices and redirects the electromagnetic signals that connect
different people who she caught. Gayd. has been shown up as a terrifying woman who thought as herself as new Todor. and even
Conkey sparing other telling me to go away from the branch and not to deal anymore with archaeology and culture. Todor. is able to
imitate people in way in P. Georg. imitates her, however, it looks it was Gaydasksa who is known from Conferences going directly
against the speakers and instead listening careful trying to connect with energy that on the surface is shown as a very motivated
toward connection face bit without any tracing of active listening. This may show up as asking her and absence of immediate
response that means her mind had been occupied with rather different thoughts than direct meeting theme and problems.
Unfortunately, there is no law to questions certain dissertations internationally, as well as to question the quality of works after the
dissertation. In prehistory there is no high barrier since it is missing language requirement of Ancient Greek and Latin. Many
dissertations can be questions: Todor. (low status text without significant values), Gayd. (following by low status monograph that of a
dilettante and non-academic ), Georg. (studentish replication), Vajs. (replication full with mistakes), Gur. and Alex. (nobody knows
what was in fact defended as dissertation), etc. The problem is that such people use all kinds of means to fight with talented and
knowledgeable  people and embed people who are even with less qualities and knowledge than them. Without having even one
considerable contribution in her dissertation on Maritsa culture, Todor. using her communist party belonging and scaring people, got
also hab. Dr with text that is not only of dilettante, but also created a fraud paradigm of science. Logically, the descendant products
are similar.
In other words, who get PhD matters in any point of the world. PhD status is probably the most abused social status in our culture
since has been using for embedding crime like psychotronic terrorism in this case.

October 7, 2012
They continue very actively. Georg.'s actions slow, but Todor. and Gayd. continue.
If there is invisible terror, there is also visible of Todor.. Enough to recall that she did not write a review of doctor thesis of S
Chokhad., while in the archive of Archaeology editorial board can be seen how she had been organizing gang to fight against
manuscripts with world scientific contributions.
Todor. insists that the life in archaeology is based on intrigues. This can be confirmed by her life since was written by her cannot
cover even a half of year work.
For the people who know closely these three persons will be more clear what they have been attempting spending 24 hours to
terrorize victim(s). Gyur. has disappeared (at least with an active voice) that may have explanation in the fact that today in Bulgarian
there is a main archaeologist who one can complain to. It is interesting how this main archaeologist will response to the obvious
psychotronic terrorism in archaeology. Probably they can be a development of the story and finally Todor. and Georg. to be arrested
for psychotronic terrorism, although it is unclear whether there is a law for such terrifying violence.

October 1, 2012
Gayd. and Georg. are very active. Georg. has been attempting like in Department of Archaeology to bother the victim(s) with
annoying meaningless presence, while all the world like should know about  the divorce of Gayd. from Chapman and how Gayd.,
which is an author for an absurd for 21st century DEFENDED IN DURHAM (!) dissertation either plays the song of Todor. or a new
role that may only scare the honest gifted researchers in the field of archaeology. It is very curious if Gayd. and Chap. are not
divorced, why do they play these games? Gayd. and Chap. were caught in past in an active intrigue in Romania (documented!).
Vajs. is also active in certain hours, while Todor. Obviously with own energy or with devices  has been redirected the co-
psychoterrorists and again began to send images if you close your eye to show that invisibly terrorize her victim(s) constantly. She is
obviously mentally deviated since from sexual messages to all kinds of imaginary stories indicate chronic mental deviation.

September 24, 2012:
It is still unclear why the family of Todor. does not take care of her as a obviously a person with a complex of mental diseases one of
consequences of which is a psychotronic terrorism. Hopefully there will be autopsy of her brain after her death and the conclusions
of the experts will be used by the survived victims of her psychotronic terrorism.   
The best explanation is that the family members are also involved in the psychotronic terrorism which is typical of the serial killers.
While the psychotronic terrorism is invisible or without clear visible evidence, the sexual abusing is more evident. Todor. was caught
making employees of the institute not talking to certain person. Also she had used employees to try to catch in mistakes most
respectful employee of the Archaeological Institute (e.g.  leaving a written note that was at a certain place together with witnesses or
eaving a series of notes to a certain female employee that she was looking for her at her working place but was not found). As it is
well known such behavior is a violence of the business discipline since there is a hierarchy and the only right thing is to inform the
director if there are some problems). However, since Todor. was known as a person with terrifying behavior who did bad things on
people, such notes attempted additionally to terrorize the psyche of the most respectful employees of the Archaeological Institute
and either to make them leave or to make them mentally sick).
Her son, Vajs., has been a popular as a sexual abuser of females for decades. One of the most popular cases is when a female
teacher went to Sofia to have married him after a summer together at excavations. It did not look he even met her. In another case
he lied on a female that was not married month after month although his pregnant wife was waiting for the wedding in Czech
Republic. He directly approaches the woman who will sexually abuse.
Sexual abusing and psychotronic terrorism may occur twins.  Since the psychotronic terrorism is invisible, any other deviation from
the moral and standard behavior may become most important indicators of a psychotronic terrorism.
The dances around B. Gayd. and Marin. of Todor. and Vajs. is an attempt to cover their real social behavior. Most importantly, this
group behavior reflects on science as writing of corrupted members of a gang who have been violating all norms of academism by
using the social academic space for manipulation, fraud and corrupted replications.

September 19, 2012:
Gayd. is considered as main issue. The experience may show that she is very active in the gang. Only neuropsychological analysis
can prove or disprove. Since the leader of the gang is most experience, it is not clear in which cases there is a fraud information
distributed for shadow of truth and in which cases there is truth that cannot be communicated in another way since the members of
the gang may do not have real contact. The information that has been repeatedly psychotronically distributed is that Gayd. was in
archaeology not because of the profession. There is a divorce from Chap. (married now for a French woman)and a very strong
attempt of Gayda. to marry another archaeologist.
The people who knows them closely know the truth. What is proved by evidence is simple: The book published by Gayd. based on
her dissertation does not have quality even of bachelor. There is missing foundation knowledge on prehistory, no originality and no
scientific contributions. There is an arrogant manipulation of the historiography which is simplified, not understood and selected in a
corrupted way. There are main theses which are borrowed by respectful authors without citation. Some pages look like written by
Chapman without citation.  There is obvious used literature which was not cited.
Dissertation by Gayd. is a serious issue. It was defended in Durham University which was considered a prestige institution. This
dissertation shows that it is possible Durham to issue PhD to people without enough knowledge and non-ethical as writers. It is a
terrifying corruption. If there was grant money involved, in an ideal society the community may have asked the money to be returned
and given to a really skilled and educated person who would be able to make real scientific contributions. After the PhD Gayd.'s
name was included in series of articles or chapters of book that only confirmed one absolutely artificial title. It became a name in
publication of a person who obviously neither has the academic knowledge nor the ethic of being in the academic bibliography.
There is no way not to think that this person if shows at a respectful scientific forum would become an example of how publications
make artificial scholars who do not exist as real personalities.  
More terrifying: in period when the world expected a critical analysis of communist Bulgarian archaeology, Gayd. showed up in
Bulgaria in collaboration with Gyur. exactly when was Dubene-Balinov Gorun Affair. The names of Gayd. and Chap. have become
anchored to Durankulak cemetery and Dolnoslav - both sites are main mistakes in Bulgarian archaeology, but their wrongness
should be revealed, while Chap.-Gayd. had covered of both sides like a lid over a pot that nobody wanted to touch because of the
Durham attribution of both authors. In other words, there are consequences of activities with corrupted nature and attempt to occupy
a social space without having any honest critical view on reality and archaeology, with low status publication and non-ethical behavior.

July 26, 2012:
The voice recognized as of Gyur. advises suicide. As it is well known the final goal of the psychotronic terrorists is murder.  I. Vajsov
and H. Todor. are permanently with devices working without stop (in past the devices were directed toward Nikol. time by time, but in
the last years, especially last year their are almost permanently. Before either Todor. woke me up or if I woke up felt a heavy
psychotornic wave coming toward my body. Gayd. has been missing lately that means that she may "work" in different space. Georg.
is mostly distantly that may also means she has been working in different space. To confirm, once I wrote about Gayd., she showed
up for while, that means obviously has heavy "duties" in some other place.

New data about the pseudoscience in Bulgarian:

Recently it has been published a new evidence about the pseudoscience coming from Bulgaria and related to Bulgaria:
Holocene anthropogenic landscapes in the Balkans: the paleobotanical evidence from southwestern Bulgaria, by Marinova, Elena,
Tonkov, Spassimir Bozilova, Elisaveta and Vajsov, Ivan
Elena Marianova as a first author obviously has been using the scientific magazine not only to communicate pseudoscience, but also
to cover the psychotronic terrorism  in Bulgarian by inviting as a co-author Ivan Vajsov, the son of Henrieta Todorova. As it is well
known, the dissertation of Vajsov (full with endless mistakes as seen in a published variant) and the title of PhD did not go though the
Bulgarian commission during the communist regime. Since Todorova was for a short-time married for high rang communist and
everybody was scared by her, rejecting PhD in Bulgaria to Vajsov was a hero action and showing the world that something is totally
wrong - did somebody know about practicing of psychotronic terrorism by Todorova?  
In case of Marinova is involved the institution of Catholic church since she has been acting as a representative of  Catholic College.
As its is well known the Catholic church is popular with sexual harassment. It will be very interesting if it occurs that some religious
institutions support the psychotronic terrorism in the world. Lately, there has been
a complain from Scientology.

Diary of a Gangstalking Target
Gang Stalking. Definition from Urban Dictionary online
Clive Bonsall, are you right?
Where is Krassimir Leshtakov?
Victims of psychotronic terror and harassment
Jewish Communist Mass Mind-Control (Psycho-politics)
The Russian Manual On Psychopolitics
Psycho TERROR in Norway: -- Glenn Beck and Alex Jones
Another psycho-terror during the long process of "acoso psicológico"!!!
Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques
From PSYOP to MindWar
List of citizens killed by Marshall Tito's regime
GOVERNMENT / MEDIA INTERESTS. (Victims can experience hearing voices, mind reading, directed energy attacks and more)

In Bulgarian: Terrorism in State Agency of National Security

What may the psychotronic terrorists use?
Electronic Harassment

Fraud, scams, scandals and court cases

To learn more about the psychotronic terrorists one needs to know everything about serial killers. The difference is that the serial killers personally
kill people, why the psychotronic terrorists through mind control make people die
Antisocial Personality Disorder
List of serial killers by country
Images of serial killers
Top Evil Serial Killers
FBI Serial Killer
FBI Ten most wanted  -
Comment: FBI has the photos of most wanted, but how to catch the psychoterrorists with invisible crime? Should money go to archaeologists-
psychoterrorists,or to develop science to catch psychoterrorists?

For good reason!
EU Keeps Bulgaria, Romania Out Of Schengen Free Travel Zone

Comment: Instead looking inside and fixing the problems with the organized criminalism and terrifying corruption including psychotronic terrorism,
Bulgarian politicians will appeal. They probably think that the world is blind and totally stupid. Netherlands and Finland's representatives deserve the
highest respect since some western countries do not understand the danger of organized criminalism or their citizens are involved in corruptive
collaborations, for instance in archaeology. How one will trust Bulgaria, where there are affairs like Dubene-Balinov Gorun, not revealed crimes
against humanity like the excavations of Durankulak cemetery and a series of absurd coalitions of archaeologists based on corruption.
People like Henrieta Todorova, Vassil Nikolov, Maria Gyurova and many others believe that all the world is stupid and they can play with the trust
of people.
The decision about Shengen is not about appeal but finally Bulgarians to look into their inner life and finally to reveal the criminalism and corruption,
including a detailed investigation of Archaeological Institute and Museum.

Again shame on Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Instead investigating the case with archaeologists involved in rescue excavation on the Motorway,
they blamed Minister Lilyana Pavlova in inappropriate response to the current situation during
a meeting of the Council of Ministers. So many
Bulgarians aboard singed a petition to keep this old institution in Bulgaria. Now it is clearly shown that it was wrong. Bulgarian science does not
need BAS. This a wrong money given to the Presidium of BAS. The same money can be used for opening and Institute for research of terrorism,
including psychotronic terrorism. BAS Presidium is a hat for corruption, since most of BAS members are with connections there. Bulgarian as a
small country should not follow German model but the American model - no centralization of science. American science is the best in world despite
of exited corruption at the universities since it is limited to specific disciplines.  

Also, it is time to acknowledge that National Archaeological Institute is not a place of science. There are mostly field archaeologists who should
work at a contract company. There should be also private archaeological companies who will do much better work than BAS archaeologists.

Nikolova's most important article about Bulgarian psychotronic terrorist Henrieta Todorova was not published in Studii de preistorie. According to
the member of the editorial board Radu, there were personal attacks and uncertified information.

It is very interesting what is the difference between the article about the team of Svend Hansen (
Against functionalism) published in 2007 and
Nikolova's article (see the abstract below with a link)? Member of the editorial board is Douglass W Bailey, who has been terrifying Nikolova with
most inappropriate behavior since 2008 (The World Congress, Dublin) trying to compromise her and even to put her in the prison. Does he use the
academic periodical of Romania that probably is published with Romanian tax-payers money for absolutely corrupted non-academic activity - to
compromise most respectful scholars like Svend Hansen and at the same time to hide criminal behavior of archaeologists like psychotronic terrorist
Henrieta Todorova (described as a "monster" according to one reviewer [the best compliment ever Nikolova received for her publication]? Most
interestingly, in No.4/ 2007 there is an interview with socially privileged as Jew and lesbian Ruth Tringham, while Nikolova's article who described
from first hand the terrifying behavior of this pseudoscholar is stopped?
How is possible such corrupted scholar, recently fired as the chair of Department of Anthropology, like Douglass Bailey to have contact with
students and to teach in American University?  

It is not easy to write on Balkan prehistory. You can become a victim of the psychotronic terrorism of Henrieta Todorova and Petya Georgieva
with a gang. You not only will delay but will be told and visualized that you just a meat that can be cut in pieces and thrown away. When Todorova
was young, in the Archaeological Institute in Sofia was a rumor that her father was Nazi. All her mind is Nazi, that explains not only the crime
against humanity like the meaningless destruction of Durankulak cemetery, but also all her terrifying behavior.

Todorova most probably has devices and doe snot work only with her obviously sick psyche. She put you on the bed and make you feel that you
are sick. After the article (see below) she cannot turn on her device or psyche on raping that probably relates to her sick psyche that at some point
reacts in a specific way. Since there are witnesses, she has been trying to be in case of Nikolova more careful, but only if Nikolova does not work
science or making money for living. Whole tow of deaths in Bulgarian prehistory makes sense from the perspectives of terrifying Todorova.  

It is very easy to catch Todorova as a psychotronic terrorist since she obviously stays at home all day and night alone, although 24 hours attack is
also based on the fact that Georgieva imitates her and in some cases is difficult to make difference.

Manuscript by Lolita Nikolova submitted for consideration for publication.

Archaeology and behavior (full text in .pdf)

The advance of the global society has been changing worldview toward embedding humanism in creating, preservation and reproducing culture.
From this perspective, archaeology is a leading discipline for reevaluation of the social practices within its field, and especially the behaviors of its
practitioners. One of the reasons is that there are many negative sides of contemporary archaeology as huge clouds on humanistic sky that require
most critical, detailed and prompt attention. Behavior makes a difference in way in which is accepted archaeology at individual, institutional,
national, international and global levels. While the global world and global culture create opportunity for one and only archaeology, the different
behaviors that reflect on different methodologies have been desegmenting archaeology into endless parts that cannot be connected at all nowadays.
This research project approaches archaeology/anthropology as a social practice and bridges archaeology/anthropology with many fields of social
research in order to reveal and describe a model of non-ethical research based on evidence mostly from the Bulgarian and American professional
archaeologies/anthropologies.  However, the case examples may describe typical academic aspects worldwide, from the Cold and post-Cold War
period of global development. It is impossible to establish abstract criteria for ethical archaeology that have a real application in life. Nevertheless, it
is possible gradually to reach a consensus that will practically help archaeology by studying multi-colored behaviors.

Is there any law in Bulgaria the police to check the home of Henrieta Todorova? They may find devices for psychotronic terrorism. This woman is
most probably responsible for the death of series of Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian prehistorians who did not recognize that she had attacked them
with psychotronic terroristic devices.

Henrieta Todorova permanently has been terrorizing Lolita Nikolova psychotronically. Today when she woke up Todorova told her that will kill her
before die. She continues to attempt to rape her (obviously using devices), to make her delay with her most responsible duties in order to fail in life!
Does this woman have family? How could they see a psychotronic terrorist and  not to take care of this most shaming for Bulgaria case?

Today Henrieta Todorova 5 times tried to make Lolita Nikolova sleep driving to make her crash on the road.  I few hours later after getting rest,
Todorova together with Petya Georgieva and Maria Gyurova continues their psychotronic terrorism  showing the world that to make changes in
Bulgaria, Bulgarians finally need to take care about themselves - who what positions take and how live.  
Letter by Dr Lolita Nikolova to acad. Nikola Subotinov