Bulgarians in Utah and their friends

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Bulgarian Folk Dancers in Helper, UT

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2007, at 6 PM, a group of 13 Bulgarian dancers (students
from ages 12 to 18) will be performing Bulgarian folk dances in the Helper, UT Rio
Theater. Admission is $1. The concert was organized by Stephanie Giacoletto, a Peace
Corps volunteer from Helper serving in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian delegation is from the
small Bulgarian town of Montana (others in the group include teachers and the mayor),
and are staying with the citizens in Helper.

Helper is a mining town in the heart of Central Utah, near Price. The town got its name
from the loaner steam engines that would "help" push trains up the canyon just outside
of town. Harry Truman once gave a speech in the city at the railroad station as he was
stumping across the country. The town boasts a charming, if mostly abandoned,
historical Main Street that is reminiscent of the town of Radiator Springs in Pixar's
feature film C ars.

Bulgaria is a country of 7 million people tucked away between Greece, the Black Sea,
Romania, Serbia, and Turkey. Though the country is small, Bulgarians pride
themselves as having a little bit of everything: sunny beaches, pristine mountains, wide
plains, and dense forests. Bulgaria is known for its yogurt, cheese, rose oil,
weightlifters, and computer prowess (it was the technological center of the former
Communist bloc.)

I served an LDS mission in Bulgaria between 2000-2002 and toured much of the
country during my stay there. While I never made it to Montana, I was in many cities of
similar size. My lasting impression of Bulgarians is one of warmth, hospitality, and charm.

I very much look forward to attending the event and mingling afterwards! It's a very rare
occurrence to have such a cultural activity in such a charming, rural city as Helper, UT!

The full schedule of the group's Utah performances follows below:

Wednesday, March 21st - 6:00 p.m at Mont Harmon Jr. High in Price (admission is free)
Thursday, March 22nd - 10:30 a.m. at the Student Center on the Salt Lake Community
Saturday, March 23rd - 6:00 p.m . at the Rio Theater in Helper (admission is $1.00)