Тhe International Institute of Anthropology, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA &
Proposed nominees:
October 2007
Bulgarian society in Utah proposes the family of Nikolaj Ivanov. Website at
An article at www.journey.bg: Нашата леля Анка от Солт Лейк Сити, Юта, САЩ.
In 2006 upon the initiative of the International Institute of Anthropology were promoted Nominations of Bulgarians of the
Year in the USA (
http://www.iianthropology.org/nominationsbgusa2006.html). This year tco-organizer in the campaign is
Eurochicago.bg (
http://www.eurochicago.com) represented by Petar Stamatov and Professor Nikola Charakchiev.

Please submit the names of your nominees by e-mail (
BGnom2007@iianthropology.org or admin@aiinthropology.org) or
go to the website of the Eurochicago.com  (
http://www.eurochicago.com). We invite not only Bulgarians but also their
friends from different nationalities. The categories could be pointed by you from any field of the anthropology of
everydayness (from the most charming smile to great significant contribution in the science). You can submit an essay, a
note with motives for your proposed nominee or a reference to publication by the nominees or about them in the media.
January 15th, 2008 as the deadline for all submissions. In early February 2008 a committee will announce the results. It
will consist by members of the International Institute of Anthropology Board of Directors Dr Lolita Nikolova (responsible
organizer), Dr Mariana Pavlova and Maria Radkova, as well as by Petar Stamatov and Professor Nikola Charakchiev
from Eurochicago.com  
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