Bulgarian Parties in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
4th November 2007: One Year Anniversary
Thank you Maria and Jordon for hosting us again! It was fun. Great food, wonderful Bulgarian music and even
the art works of the Bulgarians participants in the Contest for the 170th Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski
arrived on time and were organized in a small exhibit.
See the article in Bulgarian about the Anniversary
A part of the group that celebrated the anniversary. The men disappeared behind
the guest-house and Nikolaj and Vanja had to leave for while. Aunt Anka left in the
guest house but thanks to Mariana she also came for the pictures outside. The
Sun was so nice, so we decided to give it the main role at the expenses of the
quality of the photos. However, such Sun in November in an extraordinary fun. Of
course, Margaret Strickland was our special guest, while a friend of her since
1970s came for the first time.