Bulgarian Parties in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
7th Oct 2007
Thank you Maria and Jordon for hosting us again! Mariana's lecture on periodontal decease was excellent.
We nominated the household of Nikolaj for favorite family of the year in the USA. The children's performances
were great  together with Aunt Anka and we all had fun.
Dr Mariana Pavlova talked about periodontal
decease and how to care about our teeth.
Linda is very busy at the
University but she found time to
come with her husband Vova
and her daughter for while.
A new friend of the Bulgarian society in Utah and a close friend of Gosho signed for our mailing list. This
is former missioner Brainy.
They played like at the previous party here
(Yuliana, Steven, Gosho and Brainy).
Peter Nielsen (an artist and a student at BYU
Provo) is another new friend of our society.
He came with survey questions that would
help him to propose a project for eventual
field research in Bulgaria.
(see pictures of Peter at
The essay about Aunt Anka was accepted by
all to be published at journey.bg
She is our mother Teresa here in Utah.
There was a contest for songs. All participated children won (Nikolaj, Steven, Yuliana and
Christina). Aunt Anka contributed essentially to the success of the concert.
This is Christina.