Bulgarians contribute to the prestige world culture

Adriana Velinova (USA)
(Srandart, August 12th, 2007) Cheerful,
self-confident, open and friendly - these words
describe best the personality of Adriana Velinova.
The reason for our meeting is the international
success that the 20-year old girl has already
achieved. Although so young, the Bulgarian opera
hopeful is used to the life of a professional singer
and travels extensively both in Bulgaria and the
United States. Adriana knows very well what are the
most important things in her life: dear friends, life
beyond superficial ambitions, search for inspiration
and beauty. Adriana is well aware of her talents and
her unique personality. She began playing the
piano when she was four years old. Playing the
piano from such tender age, gave Adriana a lot: she
learnt about the tremendous importance of
discipline, knowledge and that made an impact of
her entire perception of life. Last autumn, Adriana
decided to pursue a career of an opera singer and
put in it all her ambition and efforts. As a result, she
won a scholarship of Nevada University, Las
Vegas, where she now studies. She is a soprano
and, according to her tutors, her voice is "full of
colour and emotion and there is a great career
ahead of her".
Adriana's voice has a potential for pop music as
well, if the talented girl decides so, but she should
make up her mind before she begins opera
education. Her teachers from Nevada University are
very good professionals and thanks to their
guidance Adriana took part in two singing contests
and won the first price in one of them. There are
many opportunities for the young talent from
Bulgaria, if Adriana continues her opera lessons,
she would certainly choose to do so in Europe not
in the USA. The best opera singers perform in the
Metropolitan Opera in New York. La Scala in Milan
is another prestigious stage for opera talents and
Bulgarian singers have great potential for making a
career there.
Adriana has a busy schedule this year; she was the
youngest participant in the opera festival in Graz,
Austria, held in July 10 - 20.