International Institute of Anthropology
Celebrating Talents in Utah, USA, April 19th, 2007, Crimson View, University of Utah
Celebrating talents in Utah is a project
of the International Institute of
Anthropology, Salt Lake City, Utah, in
collaboration with the University of Utah,
Society of Bulgarians and Their Friends
in Utah, Russian Website in SLC, etc.
The original idea belongs to Dr Lolita
The goal of the project is to invite on
the stage of the talent active artists, as
well as talents who for different reasons
miss contacts with public.  
During the first show-concert (April
19th, 2007) Dr Lolita Nikolova
presented Bulgarian and Russian
talents (Boyan Hristov, Nonna
Voroskaya & Radistina Kuneva) and
American Balkan folk groups (Duna and