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The goal of this website is to contribute to a humanistic society. We do publish and update information for corruption
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Media and corruption
Malcolm Moore (Daily Telegraph) (August 31st, 20007) (.pdf)
Meaningless and misleading article coming to cover the  Director of the National Museum in Sofia, Dr Bozhidar
Dimitrov,  who is the one involved in one of the biggest affairs in Bulgarian Archaeology -
Dubene-Balinov Gorun (the
anonymous false story, with which the article starts) . The article was translated into Bulgarian and distributed through where one can be read the truth in our publications, the last one published on August 8 (
where the Dubene affair Dimitrov - Nikolov - Hristov was mentioned and the Bulgarian media criticized . The article
by Malcolm Moore has been following the traditions of 2005-2006 when Bozhidar Dimitrov involved the Bulgarian
media to distribute a non-truthful version of Dubene gold (see below). But because of the unpopularity of the topic in
Bulgaria media today, a new journalist showed up - Malcolm Moor from United Kingdom with absolutely non-
professional and misleading text. Shame on Daily Telegraph!
Ask Malcolm Moor about this article via e-mail:
E-mail sent to Malcolm Moor (Sept 3rd, 2007):
Attn: Malcolm Moon

Your misleading article made you our new hero in corruption and archaeology!

The media needs the truth!

You can send us your answer to be published including:
How did you choose the topic?
Who invited you in the National Museum of History?
Why didn't you talk to the Director of the National Museum of History?
How can you prove all mentioned data about the treasure-hunters, illegal excavations and abroad channels?
What do you know about the Dubene-Balinov Gorun affair? Isn't it interesting to you as a journalist?
Why don't you write about the decades of the excavations of the most respectful Bulgarian archaeologists which are
the real image of the Bulgaria and the Bulgarian archaeology?

We are waiting you to answer our questions in Daily Telegraph!
No response (12-08-08)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lolita Nikolova,PhD
International Institute
of Anthropology

Government and Culture

National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria.

On the 4th of  April 207 Journey published our article about the discussion about the Gold Diploma of Vassil Nikolov,
the Director of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum. Instead responding to the article and answering
the questions in it, NAIM immediately issued on April 5th
a picture of Vassil Nikolov next to the President.
Typical model of the corruption in Bulgaria - the social actors try to demonstrate close contacts with government or
political leaders .

Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, the organizer of the exhibit of the Thracian treasures in Basel, Switzerland, March-July
2007. Many questions:
1. 360 or 640 objects were sent to Basel? The Ministry of Culture sent 340 objects while Basel reports that had
received 640 objects!
2. How does this exhibit relate to the Statement of Stefan Danailov in the Parliament? The Minister of culture
promised not all Thracian treasures will be sent abroad at once.
3. Why is the scientific head of the project a non-specialist in Thracian archaeology? Vassil Nikolov is a prehistorian.
4. Why is the scientific head of the project a extremely corrupted person, one of the architects of the Dubene-
Balinovgorun affair?
5. Why we have a workshop Trinken wie die Thraker?
How does the corruption work in Bulgaria
1. False or hidden information.
Ministry of culture published on its website info about 360 finds but after the topic became hot, obviously the
information was removed (visit of the home page on April 5th, 2007).
No answer. Still there is no answer from the Ministry of Culture.
Covering the discovered corruption with exciting information about success. After sending re-email regarding the
exhibit, instead explanation, the Ministry of Culture distributed a newsletter about the huge success of the exhibit in

Education and corruption

Tutor Vista. 5 min after signing in for a tutor, I called to cancel the subscription since felt that something is totally
wrong with the offered one week free of charge service. However, a week later my account was charged and a receipt
was received via e-mail for an service that was never ordered. The company's representative talked on the phone
English which one cannot understand in some cases even at all. It occurs Tutor Vista works from India (even with
1800 number). After a series of phone calls and e-mails and especially after writing to the President of the company,
finally an e-mail was received about a coming refund.
We found info that "Tutor Vista, MakeMytrip and Cleartrip received their two rounds of funding earlier this month.
Tutor Vista, an online tutorial company, received $10.75 million from investment groups including Lightspeed
Ventures, Sequoia Capital India and Silicon Valley Bank" (
Where do this money go if this company charged in this way?
The messages about Tutor Vista on Internet look more similar to all bulk and corrupted offers (type Work from home).
For instance:
Public service advertisement:
"Do you want to be a teacher without going to school? Here is a chance to stay at home in any part of the country,
teach, and get paid handsomely. Bangalore based Tutor Vista has introduced online tutoring for children in the US
and the UK. All that the tutor needs is a […] "
Does it look professional and serious?
We can also learn that the target of Tutor Vista are the American Children (
Why? Just because the American children have presumably rich parents, I believe.
There is even a blog about Hitler as a homework with a reference to Tutor Vista? Who gave a license to this
company? How do these children communicate the customer service if one can understand from the Indian English
probably one word in 20? And this an educational institution!
We read about the President that he works from home
We received a letter with a offer for one month free services, but we did not respond since it started with a statement
that they tried to have reached us without success, which was not true.

Politics and Government

Re: info about a hosting of Bozhidar Dimitrov by the Ministry of Culture (28.02.2007)
Questions to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Prime Minister (.
pdf in Bulgarian)(2-28-07)
Evidence about a possible false diploma used by a member of the Bulgarian Parliament (.pdf in Bulgarian) (2-24-07)

Boris Velchev about the corruption (
.pdf file)
Dimitur Gundev (.pdf file), a deputy from the Socialist party

Anarchists fight against the corruption

Siderov fights against political corruption


What is common in archaeology corruption?

People with power involved
Official apathy
Money and highly valuable objects and sites involved


Corruptions in 2004-2005: National Museum of History  (
Director Bozhidar Dimitrov) and Archaeological Institute with
Museum (
Director Vassil Nikolov). The cemetery gold finds from Dubene, Karlovo (http://www.iianthropology.
org/Dubenegoldeba.html), without any reason were brought to Sofia instead in the Museum of History in Karlovo City
which is abt 7 km from the site.

And more: Vassil Nikolov lied on Guardian on Aug 17 2005 (
that at Dubene was discovered a treasure which is older and bigger than Troy. However, next year strange practices
in the filed and new information even from Bozhidar Dimitrov showed that in fact in 2005 obviously we knew just a
little bit about the real Dubene-Balinov Gorun finds.          

The Internet archive shows (see  6 Oct 2004, Focus) that in 2004 Vassil Nikolov had already felt a criminal when took
the gold mask from Kazanluk for the Archaeological Museum in Sofia. But not many knew that together with the mask
from Kazanluk, he had another corruptive project - taking the objects from Dubene to National Museum of History.
Against the Bulgarian law, he even announced in the media that would not let know the place of discovery.        

Since April 2005 Archaeological Institute in Sofia has been warranted that the site of Dubene - Balinov Gorun has
been excavated by a non-professional without knowledge on the techniques of excavation of prehistoric cemeteries.
Under the protection of Vassil Nikolov, the archaeologists Martin Hristov continued in Summer 2005 to gather gold
objects caring them to a private house in Dubene and after that to Sofia National Museum while in 7 km was the City
Museum of Karlovo.        

The first results of the publication are devastating. That archaeologist not only has no experience in archaeological
excavations and social moral in accordance with the today’s global thinking, but he even does not know the world
directions. In the first official publication of the Dubene gold finds – The catalogue of the exhibit of Bulgarian
treasures (Rome, February – March 2006) he insists that the village to which the cemetery belonged was in southeast
while it is in southwest direction.  

In other words the Bulgarian archaeology corruption shows that it occurs among low-intelligent people, whose
attempt to compensate their intelligent deficit include breaking social moral norms and in fact attempting to destroy
the fundamentals of the archaeology as a humanistic and highly skilled profession in which the artifacts are records
but not a victims of professional treasure-hunters with government documents who collect finds for specific museums
and/or for unknown purposes    

Brussels scandal
What the people think about Vassil Bozhkov after Brussels

External links:

Luis Jaime Castillo Butters and Elias Mujica Barreda:  Exchanges -- Interamerican DialoguePeruvian Archaeology:
Crisis or Development? (SAA Bulletin 13(3)).( "....A
Peruvian archaeologist's perception is that under the unclear state-imposed regulations, it is easier for a looter to
conduct excavations than a professional."

Massoud Ansari: Monumental Disaster ( One of the world's
greatest ancient wonders, Moenjodaro [Pakistan], is crumbling due to official callousness and corruption......"Official
apathy can be gauged from the fact that only two years ago, unknown criminals broke into the Moenjodaro museum
and took away 40 important seals. These rare seals were discovered from over a dozen sites. The seals were engraved
with animal motifs, especially bulls, while many seals were inscribed in a script, which is yet to be deciphered. The
stolen seals include one which depicts a unicorn and seven pictographs, another depicts animal figurines and 10
pictographs on one side, and still another features an elephant and manger on one side, and four pictographs on the
other. A detailed inquiry conducted by the local police revealed the involvement of some senior officials of the
archaeology department, as well as a UK-based archaeologist in the theft....
Is it really fun what this "archaeologist" has been
doing with people and especially colleagues,
material culture, institutions, etc?
The picture is
from the official Web site of NAIM
Why does he smile - despite the Balinov gorun
affair, the slanders and false presentation of
evidence in the media and the corrupted social
behavior in the everydayness? Probably because
the government and the Archaeological Institute in
Sofia do not care.
Can you see
any free
samples on the
website of
Tutor Vista?
Can you read
e-mails of
customers who
are satisfied
from Tutor
Vista? No.
We are waiting
for students to
write us about
with Tutor
Vassil Nikolov, Director of National Archaeological
Institute with Museum - a slander, an author of
falsification in the media and one of the architects of
the Dubene-Baligorunov affair. He issued in
December 2006 that 360 archaeological objects will
be sent to Basel, an information later distributed
officially by the Ministry of culture of Bulgaria and
even by the President's website, while Basel received
in February 640 objects according to the website of
the museum and the western media. But even the
Bulgarian President's website published information
about 360 objects.
Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria sent 360 objects for
the exhibit in Basel of the Thracian treasures,
according to their official information, while Basel
Antikenmuseum reports that have 640 objects.
The Bulgarian media is silent and does not want
to learn the truth.  
Even more.
On March 2, 2007, Vassil Nikolov,
who issued the figure of 360 objects sent to Basel,
was given a Gold diploma by the
European Forum
of Experts
(unknown for the scholars and public
organization, without website   (Response, .pdf in
BG, Journey)

A day after our article in Journey (April 4th) on the
discussion about the "Gold Diploma" NAIM
a picture of Vassil Nikolov next to the
President of Bulgaria. Will this picture help the
corrupted Director to be reelected after all the
troubles he did to the Bulgarian archaeology? Or
probably soon we will know many truths.
Comment 2008: Vassil Nikolov was not reelected
for Director of the National Archaeological
Institute and Museum (12-08-08).

How does the corruption
work in Bulgaria?
One model is this case study: Attempts of the
corrupted goverment administrators to show that
they have "a big back" behind them. The most
popular back of Dr Vassil Nikolov is the President
of Bulgaria who obviously didn't know what to do
for this picture - to smile to the public or to listen
carefully to the "explanations" of Vassil Nikolov.
He obviously preferred the former. On the right
side of Dr Vassil Nikolov is Dr Peter Blomme, the
Director of the Basel Antikenmuseum. The last
even found a
journalist of Euronews for a video
film about the exhibit. Obviously, we don't know a
lot about the exhibit.
However, none of the above social actors on the
picture had answered the main question: How did
Vassil Nikolov send 360 find to Basel and Peter
Blomme receive 640 finds for the exhibit Das
Gold der Thraker? We are waiting for an answer
also from the President.
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