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I am his sister, Lolita Nikolova. I always
believe that my brother, Daniel, is the
better part in our family and the most
emotional part in my life is to enjoy his art
and his smile.
 Happy Birthday, my brother!
Daniel (Karlovo, Bulgaria)
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Created: 4-04-09.
Daniel at his 40th Birth Anniversary
Art works of Daniel in the Gallery of Michael Melik in Downtown Salt Lake
Daniel is a Bulgarian artist who
lives in Karlovo, Bulgaria, and
participates actively in the artistic
life of this historic city. He has
graduated from the Art school in
Sofia. Some of his art works can be
seen in the Gallery of Michael Melik
in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,
although his first USA solo exhibit
was in Berkeley, CA (
2001, Red
Cafe, 1941 University Ave.). He had
an exhibit in Heidelberg, Germany
When I wrote my first books in Karlovo,
Bulgaria (1992-1996), my brother did his art
works in the other room of our three store
house and my father worked on this oil art
works on the lower floor. My Mom usually
was all day in the kitchen.
 Today art works of my brother Daniel are in
Gallery of Michael Melik in Downtown Salt
Lake, in about one block from my home in
Belvedere, and my brother and father
continue to work on his art in Karlovo,
Bulgaria.  We are often on the phone together
or they can hear me when talk on radio
Karlovo during our live radio bridge Salt Lake
City - Karlovo. Lately the Americans also
heard my voice broadcasted by the Utah
education station.
 I don't think that would do my science in the
way I do it if do not have my brother's art.
 Born on one and the same day (the 21st of
April ) in 1959 and in 1969, we both would
say: Thank you, Mom Draga! And I will recall
how when I was 9 years old my Mom asked
me: "Would you like to have a brother or
  I did not know. But she continued: "I was
alone and will never live you alone". And she
was right. My brother is my everything. Today
both can say all the people in the world: We
love you all because we both are happy
together and would like all people to be
happy. So, we need to love each other.
Art and archaeology in our everydayness
Some of my books in Bulgaria
I continue to publish living in Salt Lake
City, Utah, USA, with all my gratefulness
to the wonderful Salt Lake multicultural
community which is my family here.
Daniel's Calendar from 2005 is
still one of the most popular
websites of the International
Institute of Anthropology.
Daniel's art works (2003)