It was really a big event. David Mack gradually became a major focus of the
Salt Lake fans of contemporary art and comics thanks to the amazing art
shows opened on October 31, 2009 on the fourth floor of Salt Lake City
Library. It was impossible to be on this floor and not to go to see his
admirable artistic pieces of emotion, femaleness and beauty. The contrast
between the already traditional Marvel standard comics and the Mack’s
erotic and thoughtful Kabuki was huge and a lesson of how innovation
enters the society in many cases even not invited but warm accepted.

The David Mack’s comic art is a call for resensitization of our culture, a call
for humanity and invitation one to see how culture really looks from the
perspectives of high standards and ideals. Kabuki was expired by the Asian
culture and spirituality, but it looks and sounds universal because it is a
message of beauty. The Mack's beauty is full with erotic and thoughtful
sensitization. It makes you go back and back not only to enjoy the author’s
talent but also to think about the parameters of our contemporary art.
Generally, our culture is on the crossroad of To be or not to be  - to be culture
of positive emotions, ideals and values or to erode towards something that
we will name culture but which contents would be the desensitized type of
objectivization of woman and life to the extend of absurd.
     The David Mack’s lecture, demonstration and reception organized by City
Library on December 5th, 2009 was nominated for the Cultural event of Salt
Lake City at the International Institute of Anthropology in Category “Art” (link:
     Official website of David Mack at:
     About David Mack at:

Lolita Nikolova

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