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Dubene-Sarovka archaeological project

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Accommodation in Dubene, Karlovo or Banya (Resting house or private rooms).
For more information e-mail to:

We have been searching for interested in:
              statistic analyses
              pottery analyses (group project; two specialists have been already involved in the
              prehistoric stone indusrtry
              cultural anthropology
              computer science and computer statistic programs
              absolute chronology
              multimedia specialists
              photographers, and
              any field of knowledge that would contribute to the project.

The candidates should be able to be on-site during the field school, to support his/her stay
and all additional expenses for lab analyses. Post-graduate students are strongly
encouraged to apply. Please submit your resume and project-proposal to
Dr. Lolita Nikolova

Field school

Site Name: Dubene-Sarovka and the Beginning of Early Bronze Age in Thrace
Country: Bulgaria • State:
Final Application Date: • Dates: July 15 - July 30
Site Type: Field School • Periods investigated: Early Bronze Age I (later fourth millennium cal
Project Details: The goal of the project is to document the beginning of the occupation of the
prehistoric multilevel settlement of Dubene-Sarovka, Karlovo Municipality, Plovdiv District,
Bulgaria. According to the existed radiocarbon dates, it is one of the earliest Bronze Age
villages in Thrace.

During the two-week fieldwork we will document two profiles and if will eventually continue
with excavations of the be the earliest settlement from the Early Bronze Age (abt 50 square
meters excavated area).

Accommodation: Private rooms
Director/ Project Organiser:
Lolita Nikolova, Ph.D.
Email Contact:

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