Dubene-Balinov Gorun gold is one of the biggest affairs in the Bulgarian archaeology, which was unfortunately supported
by the Ministry of Culture. We will need possibly many years to learn the truth. In this affair have been involved Bozhidar Dimitrov, Vassil
Nikolov, Martin Hristov, Maria Deyanova, Valeria Fol and the Minister of culture Stefan Danailov. In future we will need to know which of the
finds were really discovered in the field. For now, some of the gold objects have been included in the
Ancient Thracian Treasure exhibits
abroad, and others have been curated in the National Museum of History, Sofia.


Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2007
On 6th August at journey.bg was published our article in which was mentioned the Dubene affair of Bozhidar Dimitrov. A few weeks later
Malcolm Moore repeated in
Daily Telegraph the most unpopular story from the BG media 2005-2006 pointing to everybody else but Bozhidar
Dimitrov. Instead the truth - new layers of misleading and non-professional writings about the Bulgarian archaeology. Purposefully the
article was translated and distributed exactly
through journey.bg where one can read the truth about Dubene.  (LN)
Ask Malcolm Moore about this article via e-mail: malcolm.moore@telegraph.co.uk

E-mail sent to Malcolm Moore (Sept 3rd, 2007):
Attn: Malcolm Moore
Your misleading article made you our new hero in corruption and archaeology!

The media needs the truth!

You can send us your answer to be published including:
How did you choose the topic?
Who invited you in the National Museum of History?
Why didn't you talk to the Director of the National Museum of History?
How can you prove all mentioned data about the treasure-hunters, illegal excavations and abroad channels?
What do you know about the Dubene-Balinov Gorun affair? Isn't it interesting to you as a journalist?
Why don't you write about the decades of the excavations of the most respectful Bulgarian archaeologists which are the real image of the
Bulgaria and the Bulgarian archaeology?

We are waiting you to answer our questions in Daily Telegraph!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lolita Nikolova,PhD
International Institute
of Anthropology

29.12.2005. Божидар Димитров: "Годината се оказа златна за нашите археолози"
"Копаем на 19 места и годината наистина се оказа златна" - каза още през лятото директорът на Националния исторически музей
Божидар Димитров по повод представянето на откритото край село Дъбене, Карловско, златно съкровище от 15 хиляди дребни
предмета. То е от ІІІ-то хилядолетие преди Христа и според д-р Димитров променя коренно представите за цивилизацията по
нашите земи. Eдин от най-впечатляващите й примери са предметите, намерени във Варненския халколитен некропол от V-то
хилядолетие пр.н.е., известни като най-старото обработено злато в света. Находката от Дъбене запълва едно от липсващите
стъпала между него и Вълчитрънското златно съкровище от 12-и век пр. Христа. More ...

6 10 2004. И Божидар Димитров открил златно съкровище, пази го в тайна
Източник: mediapool.bg
Ден след като археолози откриха край Шипка тракийско златно съкровище, шефът на Националния исторически музей Божидар
Димитров съобщи за втора подобна находка.
Археологическа експедиция на НИМ под ръководството на проф. Димитров е разкрила златно съкровище, датиращо от 2300 години
преди новата ера, съобщи пред радио "Нова Европа" шефът на музея.
Божидар Димитров отказа да уточни мястото на находката,
както и подробности за нея. Тази информация вероятно ще бъде обявена до няколко седмици
. ..More ...
Compilation of earlier found objects or a discovery? (August 2006)

Later we understood that in fact Bozhidar Dimitrov is the face of the regime of Sergej Stanishev who even had
a official speech on 19 Feb
2007 before the monument of Vassil Levski. A secret agent who used the immunity of a scholar to have entered the Vatican in past, and
now Director of the National Museum of History in Sofia, but also a member of the board of the Foundation Thrace, one of the architects of
the Brussels scandal from Jan 1, 2007.


See link to an article in Bulgaria that reveals in later 2008 an absence of financial discipline in the National Museum of History:
Dubene-Balinov Gorun Gold Archive
at the International Institute of Anthropology
In later 2008 in the Sofia newspapers
was published information about the
corruption in the National Museum of
History (
internal link, in Bulgarian).
However. the Dubene-Balinov Gorun
Affair has been still not revealed.