International Folk Concert, 20th Oct 2007,
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Duna, Zhivio and BYU folk groups

Celebrating the cultures of Eastern Europe and American dance at
The International Folk Dance Concert,
Saturday, 20 Oct, 7:00 PM, South Salt Lake Columbus Center
(2700 S 400 East)
Margaret Strickland (Duna's Director) together with Dr Lolita
Nikolova and Dr Mariana Pavlova (
International Institute of
Lolita Nikolova, PhD (cultural anthropologist and archaeologist): I am
a Bulgarian, 48 years old. I have never heard in my life so many times
the name of my country Bulgaria for 2 hours as at this concert - a
name pronounced with the admiration of the Americans to our
amazing folk songs and dance which were performed in the most
emotional and professional manner by Duna and Zhivio.  
I wish as soon as possible Bulgarians in my country can see this
concert and hope there will be sponsors to make the dreams come
true. This musical most beautiful international bouquet would be the
best cultural and humanity mission of Americans in Europe for the
success of the global multicultural world.
BYU folk group
Elisabeth (Duna) with singers from Zhivio sang a Bulgarian
folk song. Elisabeth visited Karlovo, Bulgaria, on 18th July
2007 and aoprticipated in the 170th Birth Anniversary of
Vassil Levski.
Members of Zhivio folk group
Members of the Board of Directors of the International
Institute of Anthropology - Maria Radkova (Duna), Dr Mariana
Pavlova, Dr Lolita Nikolova and Margaret Strickland (Duna).