One Day beyond Everydayness

It was in 1998. I had been working on my
monograph “The Balkans in Later Prehistory” in the
library of the Institute for Prehistory and Early History
at the University of Heidelberg hosted by Professor
Joseph Maran. Professor Pernicka was one of the
visitors there who I remembered forever. I knew he
was busy but we talked probably about an hour –
about Bulgaria and current and future projects. It
was a friendly talk that made me believe the
German archaeologists, even being on the top of
the world archaeology, kept in themselves the
humanity and they communicated sharing of
knowledge rather than an artificial distance.
After 1998 there were several occasions when I
contacted Professor Pernicka.  He is the President
of our still non-promoted Society of Balkan

Archaeology at the International Institute of
Anthropology which goal will be to contribute to a
production and reproduction of intensive and ethic
relationships between all archaeologists and
related to them specialists who work in the field of
Balkan Prehistory.
Ernst responded promptly to my call for
Archaeologists as people.  We can see on one of
the pictures, kindly submitted for this project, his
wife and three children that probably make his life
the most meaningful. Together with the smiles of
his students from the photos a loved husband,
father and teacher describe possibly the best Ernst
as personality. And of course, a loved colleague by
all who know him closely.
Thank you Ernst for being so wonderful!
Lolita Nikolova, PhD
Professor Hermann Parzinger and Professor
Pernicka in Pendjikent, Tadjikistan, with local hats.
The excavation team of Troia, summer 2007.
Professor Pernicka climbing down a steep wall to obtain
samples from an ancient gallery at Baqoroq, Iran.
Professor Pernicka in front of our ICP-mass
spectrometer used for lead isotope analysis
Christmas picture of the family of Professor
Pernicka with himself in the back.
Excavation camp of Troia with a TV journalist and
students watching ´the first cut of a film on our excavation
Archaeologists as people
Ernst Pernicka
©2008 International Institute of Anthropology
©2008 Lolita Nikolova

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