International essay-contest
Happiness and Truth in the Women's Everydayness
Coming conferences:
Sophia' Women's World
Conference, Sofia,
Bulgaria May 25-29, 2010
The “Women's World
Conference: Sophia,
Women and Wisdom,”
(SWWC) to take place in
Sofia, Bulgaria on May 25-
29, 2010, builds on the
United Nations four
World Conferences on
Women and the UN
Platform for Action
1995.  The conferences
and the Platform for
Action have created a
worldwide women's
movement to advance the
status of women and
In 2006-2007 the International Institute of Anthropology organized the First
International essay-contest for the 170s Birth Anniversary of the most prominent
Bulgarian hero
Vassil Levski. During the celebration of the anniversary in Karlovo,
Bulgaria, on 18th July 2007 representative essays were included in a special
program under the head of the Mayor of Karlovo Manucipality, Dr Emil Kabaivanov.
The essays that were submitted electronically have been published at

The First International Essay-contest continues for the 18th July 2008's celebrations
of 171st Birth of Vassil Levski in Karlovo. We are collected new essays in English on
the topic "We Need to be in Our Epoch if We Want to Feel it in Our Everydayness", as
well as updated texts from 2006-2007 in Bulgarian submitted electronically to


The International Institute of Anthropology is contributing to the The World Women's
Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, which will be held in May 2010 by organizing its
Second International Essay-contest. The topic is:

Happiness and Truth in the Women's Everydayness

We are beginning to collect essays from women and men of all ages from all over
the world. The text should be submitted electronically in English to We also accept links to essays that have been already
published on Internet. Please limit the text to 1,000 words. The deadline is
30th, 2009,
but if you submit your essay earlier it can become more popular after the
publication on our website or elsewhere and it has better chance to be included
among the representative essays to be read in Karlovo on the 18th of July 2009 and
at the Women's World Conference, 25th-29th May 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Essay-contests of the International Institute of Anthropology are representative.
We do not choose specific winners but representative essays of the Contest.
Important criterion is the popularity of the essays, so all participants should try to
offer their texts to local media, to use blogs, their websites and other websites to
distribute the text. Please indicate that it is an essay for the International
Essay-Contest organized by the
International Institute of Anthropology, Salt Lake City,
Utah for the
Sophia Women's World Conference 2010 (Bulgaria).

Members of the Essay-contest Committee that will select the representative essays
are as follows:

Lolita Nikolova, PhD (initial evaluator, the author of the idea and responsible  
organizer), International Institute of Anthropology & University of Utah
Dr Mariana Pavlova, International Institute of Anthropology
Maria Radkova, International Institute of Anthropology
Linda Nikolova, University of Utah
Stilijan Stanimirov, Bulgarian Association of Archaeologists

Other invitations were also sent and we are waiting for responses.