Information about the Ethnos Folklore Dance Group by Stephanie Giacoletto who brought the group to visit Utah

The group is called "Ethnos Folklore Dance Workshop" from 5th School Hristo Botev in Montana, Bulgaria. There are 13
students in the dance group who were chosen from their original group of 50 students. The youngest dancer is 12 years
old and the oldest is 18, all of whom have been taking dance classes since they were in first grade. Our school, 5th SOU
Hristo Botev, is one of the few schools in Bulgaria that offers traditional Bulgarian folk dancing in it's curriculum.

Accompanying the dancers will be Tstestka Alexandrova, a Bulgarian voice teacher from the neighboring village of
Chiprovtsi. Tstestka has performed many times with the dancers and her renditions of Bulgarian folk songs fit perfectly
with the dancers performances of folk dances.

Here is a small blurb from the dance workshop's brochure:
 The dance workshop Ethnos for folklore songs and dances of 5th School Hristo Botev in Montana was founded by
several enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the Bulgarian dance folklore under the management of Anton Dimov. The dance
workshop Ethnos is a guardian of the Bulgarian culture wealth with its original peasant costumes and instruments. The
prizes won on many international folk festivals confirm the success of the interpretation and presentation of the Bulgarian
folklore. The of the dance workshop Ethnos has shown all over the world the beauty of Bulgarian folklore.    

I have been working to get this group to Utah since last February! We've had a heck of a time finding the money for such a
venture as this...but with the help of both local and foreign support (meaning my home-town community of Helper, UT, and
the Salt Lake Community College) we are now finally on our way to Utah to perform! I'm really excited to be bringing my
group of students, colleagues, and friends to Utah. I hope that we have the opportunity to meet you and others from
Bulgaria and "friends of Bulgaria" while in Utah.

March 14, 2007