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Lolita Nikolova, PhD
Vidolov in the USA
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My name is Lolita Nikolova.
The Bulgarian below is my
relative from Karlovo, who
immigrated in the USA. The
photo is from 1921 signed by
P.D. Vidolov.
Karlovians are the direct
cultural successors of the
greatest Bulgarian for all
times - Vassil Levski. Today
in Karlovo live and work very
smart people with deep
understanding of the global
world who love their city and
country and like to know
more about the world culture
as well.
Over 70, she has still
I would like to learn more about my ancestor and his
descendants in the USA. Vidol was the father of my
grandfather on my paternal side. The first name of my
relative could be Petko or Peter. D. may mean Dimitrov.