Global Academy of Sustainable Culture
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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Created: April 12, 2015.
Articles on sustainable culture
Xeriscaping is simply wrong

Actions to support sustainable culture
April 2015
Emails sent to the mayors of Taylorsville and Midvale, Salt Lake County, Utah, to warrant that the xeriscaping destroys the  emotional
health of people

Coming event
October 2015
Lecture by Lolita Nikolova in Sofia, Bulgaria - Education and Sustainable Culture: Bridging the American and Bulgarian Education as
Global Partners

Members of the Global Academy of Sustainable Culture
Brian Baity, artist (USA) (since 2015)
Yordanka Bibina, PhD, historian (Bulgaria) (since 2015)
Alexandra Comsa, PhD, anthropologist (Romania) (since 2015)
Daniel Hitkov, artist (Bulgaria) (since 2015)
Igor Manzura, PhD, anthropologist (Moldova) (since 2015)
Galja Marinova, PhD, scientist (Bulgaria) (since 2015)
Peter Nikolov, artist (Bulgaria) (since 2015)
Lolita Nikolova, PhD, anthropologist, genealogist and artist (co-founder and Chancellor) (USA) (since 2015)
Mariana Pavlova, dentist (co-founder and Administrative Director) (USA) (since 2015)
Lolita Nikolova. PhD (USA)
There is no past, present and future in the natural human mind: we create
past, present and future to be able to forget and promote, to believe and
disbelieve, to love and doubt, to achieve and to leave behind. People have
created many ways to combine their individual power in a group power, but
this is only the civil society which unites, integrates and makes possible
the human civilization to evolve as progress and humanity. This is also the
civil society where change is possible without violence and where the
violence is the biggest crime in the universe. If the nature was able within
billions of years to create perfectly interacted system without mind, the
humans are also able to build perfect human world. The only differences is
that people have mind, that means, they can make it much sooner.

The western democracy based communities have the benefit of a social
system which stimulates progress. Progress means civil society, integrity,
family, morale, honesty, love, friendship, commitments, elite culture,
sustainable society, civil advanced education, creativity, art, entertainment,
healthy environment, success, prosperity .... Progress means to believe in
solid values and to create solid positive values.   
Daniel (Bulgaria)
Peter Nikolov (Bulgaria)
Lolita Nikolova, PhD, MA, MH, AAS
Administrative Director: Mariana Pavlova, MA
Event organizer: Linda Nikolova, MS
The Global Academy of Sustainable Culture is committed to elite civil culture and society. Our mission is to keep the public and
private spaces healthy and to contribute to building and advance of united civil global society of humanity, integrity and healthy