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Hristov, I. (1999) In Bulgarian: Христов, И. (1999). Планинска Тракия. Население, култура и религия в древността
(Mountain Thrace. Population, culture and religion in antiquity.) В. Търново: Фабер.

Selected titles received in the library

Kośko, A. (2009). Routes between the seas: Baltic-Bug-Boh-Pont from the 3rd to the middle of the 1st millennium BC.
Baltic-Pontic Studies 14.

Kośko, A. (2010). 'Cord' ornaments on pottery in the Vistula and Dnieper interfluvial region: 5th - 4th mill. BC. Baltic-Pontic
Studies 15.

Gheorghiu, Dragos (2009). Artchaeology. A sensorial approach to the materiality of the past.  With a forward by Andrea
Vianello. UNAarte.

Stratum (2010)

Dissertations and Theses From Start to Finish: Psychology and Related Fields, by John D. Cone and Sharon L.
Foster. Second edition. 2006 (1993).  

Guides for teaching and Learning in Archaeology. The Higher Education Academy. Liverpool: The Subject Center for History,
Classics and Archaeology. Also available online at

Zrenjanin, June 5-7, 2009. Abstracts (52 p.) (
See the program at

Publications of the Modern Language Association of America. January 2009. Vol. 4 No. 1

Simonenko, Alexander, Marcenko, Ivan I. & Limberis, Natal'ja A. (2008)
Römische Importe in sarmatischen und maiotischen Gräbern.  Archaeologie in Eurasian 28.
Mainz: Philipp von Zabern. (book review copy)

Ferraro, Gary (2008)
Cultural Anthropology. Applied Perspectives.

Graber, David (2001)
Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value. The false coin of our own dreams. New York: Palgrave.

Sullivan, Alan P. III. (Ed.). (2008).
Archaeological Concepts for the Study of the Cultural Past. Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry

Renfrew, Collin (2003)
Figuring it out. The parallel visions of artists and archaeologists. London: Thames & Hudson

Hodder, Ian (Ed.) (2009) [1987]
The archaeology of contextual meaning. New directions in archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2nd edition.

Burke, Heather and Smith, Claire (Eds.) (2007)
Archaeology to delight and instruct. Active learning in the University classroom. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. One World Archaeology
49 (A review-copy received by the Publishers for

Cohen, Ada and Rutter, Jeremy B. (Eds.) 2007
Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy. American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Hesperia Supplement 41. (A review
copy received by the publishers for

Furholt, Martin, Szmyt, Marzena and Zastawny, Albert (2008)
The Baden Complex and the outside world. Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmittleuropa. Bonn: Dr Rudolph Habelt GmbH (author's copy).

Grenfell, M. (Ed.) (2008)
Pierre Bourdieu. Key concepts. Stockfield: Acumen.

Schwartz, Richard C.  (2001)
Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model. Oak Parks, Ill: Trailheads Publications.

Souvatzi, Stella G. (2008)
A Social archaeology of households in Neolithic Greece. An anthropological approach. Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press. (A review-
copy received by the publishers for

Bailey, Douglass, Alasdair Whittle, and Daniela Hofmann, eds.
Living Well Together? Oxbow (200) (
internal link)

George Nash and George Children, eds.
The Archaeology of Semiotics and the Social Order of Things. Oxford: BAR.  BAR International Series 1833, 85-96 (2008)

The Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, 16-21 September Malta 2008. Abstracts.

Dragos Gheorghiu
Prehistoric Mandalas: The Semiosis of landscape and the emergence of stratified society in the South-Eastern European Chalcolithic. (.pdf file)
In: The Archaeology of Semiotics and the Social Order of Things, edited by George Nash and George Children. Oxford: BAR.  BAR
International Series 1833, 85-96 (2008)

Anna Raduncheva
Kusnoeneolitnoto obshtestvo v bulgarskite zemi. Razkopki i prouchvaniya 32. Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian
Academy of Sciences. Sofia. 2003.

Vasil Nikolov, ed.
Praistoricheski solodobiven tsentur Provadia-Solnitsata. Razkopki 2005-2007. (Provadia-Solnitsata Prehistoric Salt-Producing Center. The
2005-2007 Excavation Seasons). National Institute of Archaeology and Museum. Sofia. 2008.
The title does not correspond the contents. The correct title is: Preliminary results of the excavation of the prehistoric multilevel settlement
Provadia-Solnitsata. Not well described stratigraphy, missing high quality to any field documentation for the excavated area, some eyebrow
raising theses and illustrations. At the same time several young Bulgarian archaeologists are involved in the publication who had shown clearly
willing for high professional work, but absence of needed for this goal scholarly leadership. See also the internal link to the
Salt in Prehistory.
Vassil Nikolov (together with Henrieta Todorova) is one of the key figures in the Bulgarian post-communist archaeology for reproduction of
corruption and for the total erosion of Bulgarian archaeology.  

Bisserka Ivanova Gaydarska
Landscape, Material Culture and Society in Prehistoric South East Bulgaria. BAR International Series. BAR Oxford. 2007.
Requested review copy which was received with the assistance of the author.
Review note (in Bulgarian and comments in English).
Studentish work that does not corresponds to PhD level. Demonstration of non-professionalism, manipulative approach to historiography and
non-ethical personality. Absence of an elementary professional knowledge on prehistory of Bulgaria. A manipulative work as a non-
professional hand of John Chapman on a subject that is deintelectualized, deacademized and placed in the marshland of pseudoscience. Some of
the theses are plagiarized from non-cited works.

R. Alexander Bentley, Herbert D G Maschner and Christopher Chippindale, editors
Handbook of Archaeological Theories. AltaMira Press. Lanham etc. 2008.
A fundamental contribution to archaeology.

Diana Gergova, main editor
Archaeological Discoveries and Excavations during 2007,  . Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. National Archaeological Institute with Museum.
Sofia. 790 p.

Diana Gergova, editor
Phosphorion. Studia in honorem Mariae Cicikova.

Alenka Tomaž and Boris Kavur
Earth and Fire. Založba Annales. Koper. 2007.

Dragos Gheorghiu
The archaeology of dwelling. Theory and Experiment. University of Bucharest. Bucharest. 200

♦ 2007

Shirley A Fredorak
Anthropology Matters, by  (2007). Broadview Press. Ontario (A copy received by the publishers for a review)
Table of contents
See response 1,

Stephen R Covey
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  (1989 [2004]). Free Press. New York etc.
External link to the website of Stephen Covey at

Mihael  Budja, editor
Documenta Praehistorica XXXIII (2006).  University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (library exchange)

Alexandra Kreen-Leeb, Karina Grömer and Peter Stadler, editors
Ein Lächeln für die Jungsteinzeit. Festschrift für Elisabeth Ruttkay. Archäeologie Österreichs 17/2/2006
Elisabeth Ruttkay (1,) (e-mail)

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The Everyday Life and the Symbolism in the Prehistoric Balkans

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J. Pinar Gil 2007
Some remarks on early fifth-century gold necklaces with pin-shaped pendants. with regard to an ancient find from La Valleta del
Valero (Soses, Lleida, Spain), Volume 58, Number 1/June 2007, 165-185

Archaeologists as people
Excavating women : a history of women in European archaeology / edited by Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Marie Louise Stig
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Area of interest: Prehistory of Eurasia, Balkan Prehistory, Theoretical archaeology, Theoretical archaeology, Social
behavior , anthropology of everydayness.
Address: 5030 W 6515 S, West Jordan, Utah 84081, USA
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