Western-Pontic culture ambience and pattern. In memory of Eugen Comsa
Compiled and Edited by Lolita Nikolova, Marco Merlini and Alexandra Comşa


Eugen and Maria Comşa (photo)
List of Contributors
Prologue by
Lolita Nikolova
Acknowledgments and Editorial Remarks
My Father by Alexandra Comşa
Memories about Eugen Comşa by Nicu Andrian and Eugenia Zaharia
Short Biography of Eugen Comşa
Selected Publications by Eugen Comşa

Chapter 1. Hunter-Gatherers, Farmers and Stock-breeders in the Northwestern Pontic
Region  by Pavel M. Dolukhanov (UK) and Michel Séfériadès (France)

Chapter 2. Food Production Modes in Neolithic Anatolia and the Neolithization of the Balkans
by Jak Yakar (Israel)                                                                              

Chapter 3. The Neolithic Site at Catež-Sredno Polje by Alenka Tomaž (Slovenia), p.  47

Chapter 4. Built to Be Burnt: The Building and Combustion of Chalcolithic Dwellings in the
Lower Danube and Eastern Carpathian Areas by Dragos Gheorghiu (Romania), p. 55

Chapter 5. Pontic Chronologies and Diets: A Scientific Framework for
Understanding the Durankulak and Varna I Cemeteries, Bulgaria, by  Noah V. Honch (UK),
Tom Higham (UK), John Chapman (UK), Bisserka Gaydarska (UK), Henrieta Todorova
(Bulgaria), Vladimir Slavchev (Bulgaria), Yordan Yordanov (Bulgaria) and Branimira
Dimitrova (Bulgaria)

Chapter 6. Tartaria Tablets: Latest Evidence on an Archaeological Thriller by Gheorghe
Lazarovici  (Romania) and Marco Merlini (Italy)

Chapter 7. Cultural-chronological Frame of Romanian Prehistory (Neolithic and Aeneolithic)
by Sabin Adrian Luca (Romania) and Cosmin Suciu (Romania)

Chapter 8.  About the Prehistoric Burial Rites in Dobroudja (Neolithic – Iron Age I) by Catalina
Semuc (Romania) and Alexandra Comsa (Romania)
Chapter 9. Circum Lacum: Excavations at the Lakeside Neolithic Settlement of Dispilio,
Greece by Anastasia Hourmouziadi (Greece) and Fotis Ifantidi (Greece)

Chapter 10. Towards the Copper Metallurgy of the Eneolithic Salcuta culture (Part 1)
by Catalin Nicolae Patroi (Romania)

Chapter 11. A Copper Age Workshop for Gold at Cheile Turzii, Pestera Ungureasca  (Turda
Canyon, Hungarian Cave), Transylvania: Preliminary Information about the
Excavations 2003-2004 by Gheorghe Lazarovici (Romania) and Cornelia-Magda
Lazarovici (Romania)

Chapter 12. Towards Accumulation and Treasuring of Wealth in Prehistory  (With
Reference to the Balkans) by Lolita Nikolova (USA-Bulgaria)

Chapter 13. Archaeological Survey of the Eneolithic Settlement Crkvine at Stubline, Serbia
by  Adam N. Crnobrnja (Serbia) and Zoran Simic (Serbia)                       

Chapter 14. On the Importance of the Caucasian Chronology for the Foundation of the        
Common Circumpontic  Chronological System by Giorgi Leon Kavtaradze (Georgia),

Chapter 15. Musical Instruments of the Bronze Age Europe: Sound and Prestige
by Tinaig Clodoré-Tissot (France)    
Chapter 16. The Bronze and Early Iron Age Settlements in Romanian Dobroudja
by Cristian Schuster  (Romania) and Alexandru Morintz (Romania)

Chapter 17. Figurative Representations on the Phalerae Found between the Ural, the
Caucausus and the Balkan Mountains (2nd - 1st Century BC) by Valeriu Sîrbu and
Vitalie Bârca (Romania)

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