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Geography of World Culture
Art to archaeology to archaeology to art by Douglass W
Bailey, i-tune lecture
Douglass W Bailey discusses the various relationships between art and
archaeology, and argues that the most exciting current work is pushing
hard against the boundaries of both disciplines. His proposal is for
archaeologists and artists to take big risks in their work and to cut loose
the restraints of their traditional subject boundaries. The result will be
work that is neither art nor archaeology, but something else altogether
and something that can take the study of human nature into uncharted
and exciting new territories.

From the lecture:

If there is a difference between art and archaeology, then I suggest
that it is that individual practitioners bring different skill- and
experience-sets to the table. I would go even farther and contend
that there is no distinction between art and archaeology. Both work
at the same issues. Both work at the issues of what it means to be
human. Archaeologists and artists both are trying to understand the
essence of being human in this world. It is this common object of
study and of work that draws artists to archaeology and more
recently that is drawing archaeologists to the context and practice
of art.

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