International Institute of Anthropology
Bulgarians in Utah

Professor Jak Yakar in Salt Lake City (see also 1)
March 16, 2007. Belvedere, SLC Downtown. A party-discussion with Bulgarians in Utah
and their friends. The Maria Gimbutas honorary grant for research in depth on Eurasian
Prehistory went in 2007 to Jak Yakar. He also delivered a lecture at the University of Utah
(a poster)
The discussion about ethnography
involved all participants who shared
opinions and experience.
Two Turkish students were our special guests
Duna performed with their new
member, Maria, who met them for the
first time on our Party in February
Professor Jak Yakar has Balkan
genealogy roots (his grandfather
was from Strumitsa) and he
especially enjoyed the excellent
performance of the group of
Margareth Strickland
Americans like Bulgarian folk dance
(Margareth Strickland on the right)
An excellent Turkish performance of a traditional Turkish song surprised all of us.
A Romanian folk dance performed by Americans, Bulgarians and a Turk participants
in the party-discussion.
St Patrick's cake waited for us the whole night but we did not miss it at the end.
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