My first soldered jewelry

by Lolita Nikolova

April 30, 2014
Silver. Salt Lake Community College. Jewelry class Spring 2014. Teacher: Courtenay D Bennett
When I was a teacher at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, we attended with students a course-workshop to learn how to make
beaded jewelry. The class at SLCC that I took in Spring 2014 made me believe that the archaeology programs at universities could
be completely updated and reorganized by including foundation in drawing, jewelry and metal work and other practical subjects
which would make students attached to materiality as making beauty in order to understand better the past beauty.

During Court's class I have become most confident in soldering. I have also learned about jewelry technologies. My research paper
(to be published in near future) was on the history of soldering. The research on the problem has resulted in a very important
theoretical conclusion: the people in prehistory did not accept any technology easily. There are probably many psychological
reasons for such selective diffusion of innovations in the field of technology.

With the new media center, Salt Lake Community College has been advancing as a leading educational institution in the world. It
operates in multicultural environment of Salt Lake County where community is integrative without visible pressure of political or
religious propaganda or privileges.  
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