Lolita Nikolova
2002-2005 International Institute of Anthropology
2002-2005 Prehistory Foundation

There are many reasons to insist that the small town of Karlovo (Bulgaria) (location) has its place in the heart of the advanced world cultural heritage and post-modern cultural achievements. It is situated in Central South Bulgaria, between the Stara Planina and Stredna Gora Mountains.

During the last decades systematically were documented rich prehistoric cultures in Karlovo valley which dates back from the Early Neolithic (the beginning of sixth millennium Cal BCE). Several sites were discovered as a results of the excavations of Lolita Nikolova and Nikola Madzhev: the prehistoric tells of Banya-Ploskata Mogila and Dubene-Pishtikova Mogila and the settlement of Kliment-Banjata.

Because of the opportunity for advanced development of agriculture, stockbreeding and hunting in Karlovo valley as well as the existed communication routes that had connected the ancient population with all other cultural centers in the prehistoric Balkans, in the upper Stryama valley (after the river crossing the Karlovo Lowland), developed flourishing cultures during the Copper and Early Bronze Age (the fifth the third millennium Cal BCE).

Excavated since 1992 by Lolita Nikolova with team, the Early Bronze Age site of Dubene-Sarovka (located abt 7 km from Karlovo) has revealed a flourishing long-time occupied village which is not only one of the earliest Bronze Age sites in Thrace but one of the richest cultural centers during the Early Bronze II and Early Bronze III (the third millennium Cal BCE). On the site was discovered a bronze axe which was most probably a local production. Lately we have some still scanty and incomplete information about a the rich cemetery of the Early Bronze discovered.
Before the prehistoric discoveries in 1990s and the beginning of 2000s, Karlovo has been already famous with the investigation Middle Age fortress Anevsko Kale (recent excavations of Ivan Dzhambov, Plovdiv University).

Karlovo is one of the symbols of the Bulgarian Renaissance since there was born Vassil Levski, the ideologist of the Bulgarian nation in the attempts for obtaining its independence from the Turkey Empire during the mid 19th century.
During the Capitalistic period rich industrialists from Karlovo sponsored the newly developed modern Bulgarian culture including the building of the Sofia University (funds of Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi).

Today Karlovo is world famous producer of oil-bearing rose. Every year in the first Saturday of June is organized the Rose Festival which is one of the prettiest cultural events in Bulgaria including cultural program, visiting the rose fields, exhibit of famous Karlovo artists, handcraft market and demonstrations, etc.

In Karlovo we can visit the Karlovo Art Gallery or the private collection of famous Karlovo artistis whose art is in private collectiones all over the world:
Petur Nikolov
Dechko Todorov
Dimitur Bakartdzjiev, etc.

Karlovo is close to world famous archaeological sites like the newly discovered Starosel temple-Tomb, Temple-Tombs in Kazanluk valley, the city of Hissar with well preserved ruins from the classical Antiquity, as well as to Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria with developed for tourists old town.
Archaeological heritage of Karlovo in the Museum of History
Annual anthropological trips to Karlovo valley

Excellent trip for student in Anthropology,  non-students interested in Archaeology and Anthropology and everybody who like to learn more about the world cultural heritage and the everydayness of people from the Balkans and especially from Bulgaria. Individualized programs. Guided by
Lolita Nikolova, Ph.D. (upon request).

May 1-14
  Visiting archaeological and ethnographic sites in Karlovo, Hissar, Kazanluk and Plovdiv regions.

June 1-7
    Visiting Karlovo Valley Rose Festival and archaeological and ethnographic sites in Hissar, Kazanluk and Plovdiv regions.

August 1-14
     Excavations at Dubene-Sarovka and visiting archaeological and ethnographic sites in Karlovo, Hissar, Kazanluk and Plovdiv regions.

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The House-museum of Vasil Levski
The Karlovo Renaissance Complex