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< 200 Birth Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American
President (1809-2009).
Bulgarian-American poster exhibit in The City Library in Karlovo,
Bulgaria.  Organizers: The City Library in Karlovo, radio Karlovo,
Karlovska Tribuna newspaper, and International Institute of
Anthropology, Salt Lake City, Utah. Promotion on web at
iianthropology.org/history_abraham_lincoln_1809_2009bg (1-5-09)

< The Mayor of Karlovo Municipality, Eng. Najden Najdenov, was given
an International  Certificate for contribution to global culture. The
information was announced in the official news by radio Karlovo (2-5-
09) and distributed by other media in Plovdiv District

< Karlovo represents Bulgaria in Brussels (1-26-09) (
internal link)

< Art exhibit of Peter Nikolov. 23 Dec 2007 - January 2008.

< The information about
Nominations of Bulgarians of 2007 in the USA
was published by
www.karlovobg.com. According to the information
of the journalist Anna Papukchieva (Radio Karlovo) (phone
conversation on 22nd Nov), the interest in Karlovo is considerable.
Other sources shared that the local Sky TV also informed about the

< Early in the morning on 23rd Nov (Central Mountain time), Dr Lolita
Nikolova is scheduled for an Interview for Radio Karlovo to talk how
Americans celebrated Thanksgiving this year and are preparing for
Christmas, as well as to give more details about the participation of
the Bulgarian Society in Utah and the International Institute of
Anthropology in the collaborative project with the City Library in
Karlovo and Radio Karlovo for organizing the Christmas party for the
youngest readers-subscribers of the City Library.  

< Do we have winners in the elections for Karlovo Mayer? An article by
Dr Lolita Nikolova (in Bulgarian) published by  
and journey.bg

< Anna Papukchieva, a journalist for Radio Karlovo interviewed Dr
Lolita Nikolova on 22nd Oct 2007 for the Karlovo news who talked
from Salt Lake City about the
Folk Concert on 20th Oct in South Salt
Lake City.

< The official presentation of the essays submitted for the
International contest (the 170th Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski)
was on the 18th of July and included in the National TV News.

< In the celebration of the 170th Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski
participated a member of the American Folk Group
Duna, Elisabeth,
who sang a song in Bulgarian.

< An poster- exhibit "Bulgarian in the world" was opened on the eve of
the 170th Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski in the City Library Karlovo  
under the patronage of the Mayer Dr Emil Kabaivanov. The exhibit
includes posters about the Bulgarian society in Utah, the Bulgarian-
American Associations in Chicago, the Bulgarians of 2006 in the USA,
etc. Pictures received for the International contest were also included.

< More than 120 essays were received for the
International essay-
contest dedicated to the 170 birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski

< Some of gold adornments from Dubene-Balinov gorun have been
included in the
Basel exhibit of the Thracian treasures, 15.03-
1.07.2007 (Antikenmuseum, Basel)

< Austrian company interested in development of tourism in the
valleys of roses (March 17, 2007)
More in Bulgarian

< New documents about John Nochev (2 Feb 2007)
John Nochev worked in " General Dynamics Corporation", San Diego,
CA, and died 16 years ago. The new documents in which was listed
John Nochev was discovered by eng. Nikolaj Neshev. It is a patent  of
"Asynchronous motin detector".
We have been trying to find more information about the Karlovian
engineer who participated in the construction of Apolo 11. Please e-
mail to lnikolova@iianthropology.org

< Celebrating 170 Year Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski
19 February 2007. Emil Kabaivanov, the Mayor of Karlovo: On 19
February the death and the birth gathered together in the immortality.
Bulgaria lost its greatest son but got a national hero.
The thought was selected for the best expression of the event.

< Museum of History. As a part of the city official program for 134
Years of the Hanging of Vassil Levski (19 Feb 2007), an exhibit was
opened with original objects and documents about
Teofan Rajnov, a
leading Bulgarian national revolutionary born in Karlovo and a district
governor after the Freedom (1884). The objects come from the Fond
New History in charge of which is Mr Todor Todorov, a curator who
has been working in the museum for many years. More ... (in Bulgarian)

General information
News and Information about Karlovo at www.karlovobg.eu

Разширяват производството на вино в Карлово с инвестиция от 4,5
млн. евро.
More ... (11.01.2007)

Velislava Dureva in Karlovo More .... (18.02.2007)

Minkova House in Karlovo (for tourism). More (in Bulgarian) ...
Hanut - a luxuros hotel in Downtown Karlovo.
More (pictures and text
in Bulgarian) ...
Hotel Almond
More ....
About the hotel Almond by a visitor More ...

Can we help?
Stoyan Gramov needs funds for transplantation of a kidney More ...

From the forums
Forum's message at www.karlovoinfo.com
18 юли и избори (18 July and elections)
Places to visit in
Vassil Levski
Museum of History
Minkovata kushta
Hanut Karlovo (a
luxurious hotel)
John Nochev
A gold necklace. It is
stated that was discovered
at Dubene-Balinov gorun,
Karlovo Municipality. Early
Bronze Age. The third
millennium cal BCE.
A lead-bronze
axe from the
excavations of Dr
Lolita Nikolova at
Early Bronze
Age. The third
millennium cal
BCE. Museum of
History, Karlovo.
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