Lolita Nikolova, PhD, A.A.S. M.A., M.H.
EdD candidate at Argosy University (2015-2017)
Gallery-artist and globally published archaeologist, cultural anthropologist and genealogist
The author of "The Balkans in Later Prehistory" (1999)
International Institute of Anthropology;
Tel. (801) 201 0417;; youtube channel Lolita Nikolova
Skype: lolita.nikolova; Books by Lolita Nikolova at WorldCat;
Research Gate; World Culture Examiner at International Institute of Anthropology;  Artworks at Saatchi
Gallery;  Facebook (Lolita & Lolita Nikolova); Twitter link; Biography in (in Russian);  
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Born in Bulgaria (1959). A resident of the USA since 2000 (Green card for scientific contributions). My father's picture is at Ask         
Art auction:
Peter Nikolov. My brother  Daniel is my favorite artist. My ideal - my Mom.

My sympathy goes to all victims of the psychotronic terrorists. If humankind today can talk, tomorrow will find out how to get rid of them.

What is my strongest belief - western democracy is the best social achievement of the humankind. Unfortunately, the western democracy
allows lumpenization and corruption of different social segments which become cancer cells of society, being a danger of destruction of the
whole system. The civil sustainable culture is the main energizer of the western democracy and the main contributor to the peace and humanity.

What is the biggest social injustice in human history? - The fact that the USA have aggressive visible and invisible enemies while the American
democracy and the American nation are the greatest social constructors of humanity and the progress of human civilization.

About my name Lolita: In 1959 when I was born, in Bulgaria was very popular a movie with Lolita Torres. There is a tradition in Bulgaria
grandchildren to be named after their grandparents. My grandmother's name was Lalka. However, my father was the youngest of three sons
and by 1959 female cousins had been already born, one named Lalka and another Liliya.  Then, my parents named me after Lolita Torres
keeping the first letter of the name of my grandmother. Interestingly, nowadays I am listed together  with Lolita Tores on one Russian website.  
I was told that Lolita in Spanish is a nick name of Dolores.

Models of sustainable culture. -Theory of art. -History of art. - Visual aesthetics.- Theory of global archaeology.- Theory of science. -Critical analysis of
Balkan prehistoric research and Bulgarian archaeological practices. - Contemporary archaeology. - Psychotronic terrorism.
Higher education leadership.- Genealogy.- Theory of education.

● AncestryProgenealogists. Salt Lake City. International genealogy research ( 2010 - 5 April 2015 (contract-genealogist; since 6 April 2015 - full-time genealogist).

● International Institute of Anthropology, Founder, Research Professor and Research Director (since 2001).  Salt Lake City, Utah. Anthropological scientific research.
● Global Academy of Sustainable Culture at the International Institute of Anthropology. Founder and Research Director. Since April 6, 2015.
● Prehistory Foundation. Karlovo, Bulgaria. Founder and President (1992-20020. The activity of Prehistory Foundation was transformed and continued at International
Institute of Anthropology.

● 2015. Zions Bank. Annual Artshow.  4 November. Salt Lake City, Downtown. Headquarters of Zions Bank.
● 2015. Sheraton Hotel. Salt Lake City. Downtown. April 18. Lolita and Daniel's Artshow (before and during the concert of Toni Dacheva).
● 2015. Wheeler Historic Farm, Salt Lake City. April 12. Lolita and Daniel's Artshow (To celebrate the Spring). "Wheeler Historic Farm" by Lolita is owned by a private
collector (since May 2015).
● 2015. Salt Lake Community College Student Artshow. 10-19 April. Juried artshow.
●2015. Multicultural Student Artshow. Salt Lake Community College. April 1.
● 2015. Elk River, MN. International Artshow. February-March. Juried artshow.
● 2015. Snowbird Resort. Winter 2015.
● 2014. Karlovo, Bulgaria. American-Bulgarian group artshow. City Gallery.
● 2014. Karlovo, Bulgaria. American-Bulgarian group artshow. Bukhalov Khan.
● 2014. Plovdiv. Bulgaria. American-Bulgarian group artshow.  Zagreb Gallery.
● 2014. Snowbird Resort. Fall 2014.
● 2014. MOD Gallery, Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Two pieces of art accepted by the owner (October - December 2014).
● 2014. President Artshow, Salt Lake Comunity College. October 10-15, 2014.
● 2014. Event-Exhibit (together with Daniel). Daniel Pizza Party. 3 August 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah.
● 2014 Snowbird Resort. Winter 2014.
● 2014 Multicultural exhibit. Salt Lake Community College.
● 2013 Multicultural exhibit. Salt Lake Community College.
● 2013 President Artshow, Salt Lake Community College.
● 2012 (September). Arches series at monthly realism art show Contemporary Design & Art gallery, Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
● 2012 (August). Featured artist at monthly art show at Contemporary Design & Art gallery, Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
● 2012 (March 14). South City Campus of SLCC.  Multicultural Art Show  of students from SLCC. Poster: Freedom, culture, art (.pdf). Featured
personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Vasil Levski, Lev Tolstoj, Beethoven, Salvador Dali, students of SLCC together with art teacher Alicia
Finlayson. Background: Artwork by Daniel. Photoshop. Royalty free photos from Internet and an author's photo of SLCC art students in class.

Wheeler Historic Farm (since 2015), Urban Man (since 2015), Abstract flower (since 2015), The tree of life (since 2013)

By July 24, 2015 - 5

Saatchi Gallery.

● Prehistory:  Balkan prehistory; critical analysis of the Balkan prehistoric research; chronology of Balkan prehistory in Eurasian context; Balkan
prehistoric cultural anthropology in Eurasian context; Pit Grave Culture; theory of contemporary archaeology and prehistory; enculturation,
socialization and education in prehistory; prehistoric lifestyles; nomadism, jewelry and gender; health in prehistory; well-being in prehistory &
social medical anthropology of prehistoric Eurasia; alcohol and social identity; archaeological artifacts as sustainable materials; archaeology
and anthropology of wealth; art and prehistory
● Contemporary archaeology and anthropology: enculturation; sustain
ability; abandoned buildings; fences; graffiti; theory of pop culture;
anthropology of Salt Lake City; world culture; anthropology of everydayness; film and culture; pornography and domestic violence; restraining
orders and culture; schizophrenia at home; academism and corruption; psychotronic terrorism; media and culture; theory of culture evolution
and changes;  theory of culture synthesis; theory of social status; anthropology of science; visual aesthetics.
● Genealogy: church records 16th - 19th century (Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia; Serbia; Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia); civil registration records (Italy, France, Bulgaria,
Greece); American
census records; American immigration records.

Association for Professional Genealogists (APG)
● Bulgarians in Salt Lake City at Facebook
● Utah State Historic Society
● Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
● Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
● The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
● World Archaeological Congress (WAC)
● Utah Public Health Association
● National Association of Professional Women
● Anti-fraud International
● ArchaeoLit Exchange
● The Marek Zvelebil Appreciation Society
● Bulgaria - Switzerland in the Balkans (Facebook group)

● Doctor of Education Program. Argosy University. 2015-2017. Postsecondary and higher education counseling.
● Forensic Psychology. Argosy University. 2014. Master in Art. Graduated in December 2014/Fenruary 2015.
●Illustration. Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah. 2014-.
● Digital Arts: Multimedia. Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Spring 2012-Spring 2014). Associate in Applied Sciences
(AAS). Graduated on May 8, 2014.
● English emphasis with writing studies. SLCC, Salt Lake City, Utah  (Winter semester 2011). English 2830: Diverse Women Writers. Teacher:
Mary-Jayne Davis. Group teaching presentation on Ruth Rubin.
● Forensic Psychology.  Two semesters  at  Argosy University, Draper, Salt Lake City, Utah. (April 2009 - December 2009). Research papers on
Pornography and domestic violence and Hearing voices.
● Penn Foster Career School. Teacher Aide: Introduction to Teacher Aide; Learning Strategies; Child Development and Human Behavior;
Skills for the Effective Teacher Aide (2006)
●  National Archaeological Institute and Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria. Post-graduate student. Ph.D. Degree. Dissertation: Problems of   
Cultural Interrelations between Southeast and Central Europe during the Early Bronze Age. Supervisor:  Rumen                         
Katincharov  (1986-1991).
●  University of Sofia St Kliment Okhridski. (1978-1984). Master in History (pedagogical profile)  with specialization in Archaeology and second
Major Philosophy.  Master research paper: The burial wreath in the East Mediterranean. Supervisor: Lyudmil Getov. Attendance of lectures of
Ivan Marazov at the Department of cultural studies including a research paper on origin of art.  Attendance of the High seminar of Alexander Fol
at the Department of Ancient History: research papers and publication on Retrospectives ideas of Renaissance and on the transformation of the
Cult of Fire in the Indo-European traditions.

GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (see also sponsored projects)
Short travel grants for participation in scientific events are not included.
● Argosy University, EdD program. Tuitions for one semester. September 2015.
● Sweet Candy Company ESL Scholarship. Spring 2012. Salt Lake City Community College.
● Community-Based Job Training (CBJT) grant from the U. S. Department of Labor for Associate Degree in Digital Arts (major  Multimedia) in at
SLCC, Salt Lake City, Utah. Spring 2012- Summer 2013.
● Grant for participation at the Meeting of the World Archaeological Congress, June 2008.
● European Science Foundation. Grant for organization of Exploratory workshop in Karlovo, Bulgaria. 2003.
● German Academy of Sciences. Grant for research and teaching at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.  Spring 1999.
● Cultural Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland. Grant for publication of the scientific contributions from the International Symposium in Karlovo in
● UNESCO Grant for visiting museums in Switzerland. 1993.
● Research Grant. University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. 1992.
● Grant for PhD thesis. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. 1986-1990.

● GE250 Section A Anthropology. (May 2010 -  September 2010 [Spring and Summer]). The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Draper, Utah. 4 credit
classes. Dean - Alan Murdock.
● GE250 Section A. Anthropology.  & GE132 section A. History of popular culture. The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Draper, Utah. 4 credit
classes. (April 2009 - December 2009 [Spring, Summer and Fall]). Dean - Allan Murdock
● Anth 1010 Culture and Human experience. Salt Lake Community College. Chair - Dr John Fritz. Fall 2004; Spring 2005; Summer 2005.
● Anth 1030 Introduction to Archaeology. Salt Lake Community College. Chair - Dr John Fritz. Spring 2005
● English. High school teacher. High School Hristo Prodanov, Karlovo, Bulgaria. Spring 2000. Ca. 30 hours.  
● English. Private teacher. Karlovo, Bulgaria. Summer 1999-Winter 2000. A total of ca. 2040 hours. Individual and in group lessons.
● European Archaeology. International University, Karlovo, Bulgaria.  Winter 1999-2000.
● Seminar on Central Balkan Early Bronze Age. University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. Host Professor - Professor Joseph Maran.
Winter 1998-1999.

Archaeology, anthropology and history
● Department of Anthropology. University of Utah. Adjunct Assistant Professor. Chair - Professor James F. O'Connell (2002-2007),
Professor Elizabeth Cashdan (2008-2009).
● Museum of History. Karlovo, Bulgaria. Curator-archaeologist. Excavations at Dubene-Sarovka. (1993-1998). Director - Penka Todorova.
● Museum Kukrinsko Khanche, Kukrina, Lovech District, Bulgaria (1976-1978). Guide.

● 1992-present Two monographs, about 30 scientific articles, editor/co-editor of 7 monographs. Editor and publisher of the Reports of
Prehistoric Research  Project (since 1995).
● 2005-present Member of the editorial board of Stratum.
● 2005-present Member of the Advisory Board of the Scientific Journals International.
● 1989-present Participation in about 25 International Symposia on Prehistory in Europe.
● 2007-2009 Scientific organizer of 4 sessions at the Annual Meetings of the European Association of Archaeologists.
● 2004 Scientific organizer of a session at the Society for American Archaeology.
● 1995-2006 Scientific organizer of 5 International Symposia in Bulgaria (Karlovo 1995, Karlovo 1999, Karlovo 2001, Karlovo  2002, Karlovo
2006). 2006: International Symposium in memory of Professor Alexander: Archaeological Discoveries in  Karlovo Municipality and
Perspectives of Development of Cultural Tourism in Sub-Balkan Valleys and the Sredna Gora Mountains (14 March 2006, Karlovo), organized
by Museum of History - Karlovo and International Institute of Anthropology - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
● 1995-2000 Scientific director of archaeological excavations (Dubene-Sarovka, 1995-1997, 1999-2000).
● 1996-2000 Scientific director of archaeological field practice of undergraduate students. Dubene-Sarovka (1996-1997, 1999-2000).
● 1992-2007 Lectures on Balkan Prehistory in the University of Zurich, Switzerland; University of Heidelberg and Free University, Berlin,
Germany; University of California, Berkeley, California; Veliko Turnovo University, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria; Tubingen University,  Tubingen
(Germany); High Anthropological School (Chisinau, Moldova); Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah, etc.
● 1993, 2006 Participation in the Neolithic Seminar of Assoc. Prof. Mihael Budja in Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

● 2015
Annual Utah State History Conference.  2 October 2015. Deep Roots, Many Voices: Exploring Utah’s Multicultural Past. Attendee.
● 2015 Youth & Collegiate Symposium Agenda. Salt Lake Palace. 10 July 2015. Workshop with luncheon. Attendee. Participation sponsored by Argosy University.
● 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. San Francisco, CA. Hilton Hotel. Downtown. Attendance, April 18.
● 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research. San Diego, California. November 2014. Poster.
● 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Chicago, 14-17 November 2012. Presentation on prehistoric social
status in Eurasia.
● 2012 Theoretical Archaeological Group meeting, Buffalo, 17-20 May 2012. Session on Graffiti.
● 2012 Annual Meeting of Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, Boston, 11-14 April 2012. Presentation on Graffiti.
●  2011 ASOR Annual Conference, 16-19 November 2011, San Francisco, California. Presentation, 17 November 2011. (Link to the Academic
● 2011 TAG USA 2011: Archaeology of and in the Contemporary World, University of California, Berkeley, CA. May 6-8, 2011. Presentation.
● 2011 76th Annual Meeting of Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento, CA. March 30-April 3, 2011. Presentation. Participant in the  
meeting of Public Archaeology Interest Group.
● 2010 16th EAA Annual Meeting, The Hague, Netherlands, September 1-5, 2010. Presentation: Alcohol and social identity in prehistory:
Yunatsite culture case study from the perspectives of social anthropology (Session "Approaches to alcohol consumption in Bronze and Iron Age
Europe: theory and practice") (.pdf of the presentation; power point).
● 2009 57th Annual Utah State History Conference. Salt Lake City, Utah. 17-18 September 2009. Report: Anthropology of Salt Lake City:
Present and past in our everydayness. (The Program of the Conference).
● 2009 The 15th EAA Annual Meeting in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy. September 17, 2009. Recycling and Secondary Use: Towards the
Functional Analysis of the Archaeological Artifacts and Features (power point, .pdf ppt, text .pdf)
● 2009 The 15th EAA Annual Meeting in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy. September 18, 2009. Community archaeology, academism and
humanity (Internal link).
●2009 The 15th EAA Annual Meeting in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy. Co-organizer of the Session - Round table  "Building museums as
protagonists of Virtual reality exhibitions", and Presentation "Internet, archaeology and virtual museums". 15-20 September 2009. (.pdf)
● 2009 Serbian Archaeological Society. 32nd Annual Meeting. Symposium "Archaeology of Banat". Abstract of a presentation delivered by
the  hosts. 5-7 June 2009. (.pdf) (Abstract).
●  2009 Marriage and Family Therapy.  Conference, Park City. Utah. Attendance. 16 May 2009.
● 2009 TAG Stanford. Value in Prehistory (With Reference to the Balkans). Attendance, participation in discussions and an abstract for the
session "Archaeologies of the transient and intangible: what gets valued and why?" (cancelled). 1-3 May 2009.
● 2009 Round Table: Household Archaeology in the Middle East and Beyond: Theory, Method and Practice. Participation. 21 February 2009.

SPONSORED PROJECTS (see also grants and scholarships)
● 2008 World Archaeological Congress. Co-grant to attend the 6th WAC in Dublin, Ireland (free lodging and waiving of the participation fee).
● 2005 Fine Arts and Lectures. Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, Utah. A joined project with the Club of Anthropology, SLCC. A
grant for lectures of two Bulgarian scholars on April 4, 2005 at Salt Lake Community College. (2004). Guests - DrHab Vassil Nikolov and Dr
Krum Bacvarov.
● 2002  European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France (2002). A common project with Dr. Elmar Christmann (University of Heidelberg,
Heidelberg, Germany) for organizing the Conference “Early Symbolic systems for Communication” in Karlovo (Bulgaria), 15-20 April 2002
● 1997-1998 German Academy of Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany (1997-1998). Six months grant for teaching and research on Balkan Prehistory.
Host professor: Professor Joseph Maran, Ph.D.
● 1992 UNESCO Grant for Culture, Zurich, Switzerland. One month grant for visiting of museums in Switzerland. Host-museum - Museum fur  
Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen1992
● 1992 Institute of Southeast Europe, Zurich, Switzerland. Three months grant for research on Balkan Prehistory. Host professor: Prof. Margarita
Primas, Ph.D. Lecture: Pit Grave Culture in Bulgaria.

● 2014 Italy, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria. October-November
● 2013 Italy and Germany - May, December.
● 2012 Italy and Germany .
● 2011 Italy, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia. June-July.
● 2008 Serbia, Ireland, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia
● 2007 Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia
● 2006 Italy, Germany, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria
● 2005 Poland, Bulgaria and Romania
● 2004 Czech Republic and Germany
● 2003 Croatia, Slovenia and Moldova
● 2002 Croatia and Serbia

Scientific Journals International
De Gruyter (former Versita)
International Journal of Science & Emerging Technologies

●1992-2003 (not included)
Scientific articles
● 2013
● 2012 Children.- Consumption Patterns.- Cosmetics.- Diet and Nutrition Surveys.- Germ Theory of Disease.- History of Consumption and
Waste, U.S. 1850-1900.- Household Consumption Patterns.- Magazines and Newspapers.-Miasma Theory of Disease.- Slow Food.-Social
Sensibility.-  Thallium. - Utah (consumption, waste collection and disposal). In: C. A. Zimring (Gen. ed.)  Encyclopedia of Consumption and
Waste. Thousand Oaks: Sage.
● 2011 Law anthropology: Interrelation between pornography and domestic violence (a Theory). International Journal of Science & Emerging
Technologies, 2, 3, 95-99
● 2011 Sustainability and health: artifacts, prehistoric village, practices and asserts (in Russian). In I.V. Manzura (ed.) Phenomenon of the
Balkan tell. Stratum plus No. 2, 89-100.
● 2010 Towards prehistoric wellness in Eurasia: clay and health. Studii de preistorie 7, 185-187
● 2010 Toward theory of accumulation and treasuring of wealth in prehistory (With reference to the Balkans) (in Russian). In: Manzura, I. (ed.),
Images of Remote Ancestors, 23-33. Stratum plus  2. Kishinev: High Anthropological School University.
● 2009 Art and Prehistory  (Visiting the Gaydarska and Chapman’s Answers to Why were Prehistoric Persons Interested in Rocks, Minerals,
Clays and Pigments?). Acta Terrae Septemcastrensis 8, 1-14
● 2008 Balkan-Anatolian cultural horizons from the fourth millennium BC and their relations to the Baden cultural complex. In: Furholt, M.,
Szmyt, M. and Zastawny, A. (Eds.), The Baden complex and the outside world, 157-166. Bonn: Dr. Rudolph Habelt GmbH.
● 2008 Toward the development of the Balkan cultural-chronological scheme of the Neolithic and Copper Age. In: Gergova, D. (ed.-in-chief),     
Phosphorion. Studia in honorem Mariae Čičikova, pp. 48-65, in Bulgarian with English Abstract). Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic
Publishing House.
● 2007 Toward evolutionary model of gradual development of social complexity among the Neolithic pottery communities in the Balkans
(Cultural-chronological and cultural-anthropological problems). In: Spataro, M. and Biagi, P.  (Eds), A short walk through the                 
Balkans. Società per la preistoria e protostoria della regione Fruili-Venezia Guilia. Quaderno 12
● 2006  Village-interments and social reproduction during the Neolithic. In: Gatsov I. & Schwarzberg H. (eds.), Aegean – Marmara – Black Sea,
● 2005 Notes on theoretical anthropology and genealogy as fields of anthropology. In: Nikolova L. et al. (eds.) Prehistoric Archaeology, 107-109.
● 2005  Social changes and cultural interactions in later Balkan prehistory. Later Fifth and Fourth Millennia cal BCE. In Nikolova L. et al, eds.,
Prehistoric archaeology & anthropological theory and education. International Institute of Anthropology, 87-96. Salt Lake City & Karlovo.  
Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 6-7.
●2005  Approach to anthropology of everydayness. Symbols in the prehistoric enculturation process. (pdf) In: Nikolova L. et al., eds,
Prehistoric Archaeology & Anthropological Theory and Education. International Institute of Anthropology, 103-106. Salt Lake City   
& Karlovo. Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 6-7.  
● 2004 The everyday life and the symbolism in the prehistoric Balkans. In: Criteria of Symbolicity. URL:  http://www.semioticon.
● 2004 Notes on the study of early social reproduction in Thrace (Based on data from Neolithic mortuary practices). In: Nikolov V., Bacvarov K.
& Kalchev P. (eds.) Prehistoric Thrace, 161-171.

Abstracts and poster-exhibitions
● 2009 Value in prehistory (with reference to the Balkans) [Abstract]. In: Theoretical Archaeological Group. 1st - 3rd May 2009. Stanford        
Archaeological Center. Stanford University. Information and abstracts. Stanford, p. 57 (external link to the online version)
● 2005 From Dubene to Troy, Ur and Harappa. Poster-exhibit with participation of students ANTH 1030, College of Art and Social
sciences, SLCC, Salt Lake, Utah. Sept 1-23, 2005.

Author of more than 700 websites at including:
● Archaeology and anthropology of enculturation. Balkan prehistory in Eurasian context. Bibliography by Lolita Nikolova
● Balkan Prehistoric periodization-chronological schemes. International Institute of Anthropology Web Publications. URL: http:
// (2007)
● Dubene and Troy in light of new discoveries. At: (2005)
● Dubene and Early Bronze Age in the Balkans in light of new discoveries. International Institute of Anthropology web publications.
URL:    (2005)
● Dubene - Apsis House No. 1. URL: http://www.iianthropology/org/dubeneapsishouse. (2005)
● Banya – Ploskata mogila and Vaksevo. International Institute of Anthropology Web Publications. URL: http://www.iianthropology.
org/banyavaksevo (2005)
● Community archaeology, academism, and archaeology.
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Archaeological amazements from Bulgaria : 5 thousands-year-old burials (Chirpan project)

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