Lolita Nikolova, PhD
I am a person who everyday rediscovers myself and the world through research, social practices
and media.

As in past, today archaeology is also an essential part of my social biography, but I would not say
that it is more important than others like cultural anthropology, researching anthropology of
everydayness, genealogy, prehistoric anthropology of Eurasia, art shows, the celebrations of the
living traditions in Salt Lake and many other events
, media, and education. On the whole the
human society is an example of the progress thanks to
individuals and multilevel social groups,
most of which do not have access to funds for culture, but they are respected because of their
honest behavior and humanistic view on the world. I am proud to be a member of such formal and
non-formal groups believing that with every cell of my body I do communicate humanity
in world in
which academism can bring in everydayness not only the progress, but also corruption, dishonesty
and even
psychotronic terrorism.

My archaeological research interest has been transformed from searching for the past itself in
searching for our ancestral past as an integral part of our everydayness. Then, I cannot be a
non-globalist and non-moralist - these  were some of the most essential values of our distant
ancestors, who actually discovered the blood of our social life - how to live together, how to
reproduce ourselves as humans, how to develop as human society and possibly how to live in our
everydayness. Unfortunately, my distant researched unknown heroes (I all feel them as exceptional
and extraordinary personalities) did not need to record their lives, so we have only their material
culture. But in many cases the last is even more communicative than the written records, because
you can also feel it and the vision perception is incompatible in our understanding of the world.

ince Spring 2012 I have been completing assoc. degree in Digital Art/ Multimedia with a grant at
Salt Lake Community College which will help to add a very important profile to my portfolio.

I believe that the visitors of the websites of the
International Institute of Anthropology, which I
founded in 2001
and of my other websites, as well as readers of  scholarly printed works will find
something worth for them.
If you want to contact me, please just e-mail me to
Archaeologist, cultural anthropologist and genealogist.
Founder and Research Director of
International Institute of Anthropology,  USA
Most recent scholar interests:

Theory of Balkan Prehistory

Theory and application of

Anthropology of everydayness

Prehistory of Eurasia

Publications (.pdf files):
Prehistoric female figurines
Bronze Flange-Axe (2002)
Social Change (2005)
Prehistoric everydayness (2005)

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